2020 is coming to an end. You can still make it count

2020 is coming to an end. You can still make it count

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. With the Covid-19 pandemic taking the world for a halt, 2020 has been a year that will always be remembered. Although, the pandemic brought the world to a stand-still, it also opened up new avenues. Online and digital tools for education saw a widespread adoption by all sections of societies from rural to urban, from senior-most teachers to the youngest students. This year has also given us a break from the pace of the world in a rare occurence.

With this year coming to an end now, like every year, it is time for us to look back at the year and see what this year bought with itself, and how it transformed us and our lives. However, for 2020, this experience is definitely going to be different. 2020, being a year that no one of us would have ever imagined, came with its fair share of challenges and opportunities. Let’s have a look at the year together and ponder how we can make it count as we enter December 2020.

Looking back at 2020, positively

Before we look at how to close the year on a high, we must look at the few but important blessings that this year has brought about. 2020 might be described as one of the roughest years by many, but even in these despair times, we must look at what we stand to gain. We have had a lockdown which cut us from moving out in the world, but brought us closer to our own homes. We ventured into online conferencing, e-learning and other technologies that we might have been hesitant to adopt. The world came closer virtually, but we came closer to our families for real.

The Year also taught us how to take better care of ourselves. It confined us in a place for months so we could look within and know ourselves and our loved ones better. It gave us a big break from hectic commute around the city to get to your college, univesity, and work. It made us realize how fragile our existence is, and that we must prioritize our health before economical activities. It also taught us that economical activities need to find a way through such hurdles and the clock must keep ticking.

Being Grateful

We can either be resentful about the challenges brought by this year, or we can be grateful about the once-in-a-lifetime leaning experience. We can choose to be grateful in such gruelling circumstances, for that wil give us the strength to endure these testing times. We can be grateful about the enormous amount of time that we got to spend with our families this year, which would had been spent instead commuting or working. We need to look at the bright side because that is what is keeping us going forward even in such times.

How do we make this year count?

Like everyone else, do you feel 2020 was your worst year? Well, you don’t have to end the year feeling the same. You can still make it count. If you have read till here, you already aware about how this year has brought us some positives that we must grateful about. However, you may still feel like you need to do more or something more needs to happen with you to make this year worthwhile.

Well, your feelings are absolutely valid and we all feel the same. We’re all in this together. Now, what we need to do is, focus on the future, take charge of our destiny and move ahead from here with a string intention. The intention to make things better for us, and those around us, and for the world at large, as we battle this pandemic. Instead of having the outlook that we are slaves to our past experiences, we should have the outlook that we are the masters of our destinies. It doesn’t matter what we have been through, what matters is what are we looking forward to.

What are you looking forward to? Just by looking forward to a better version of yourself, to a better health, to a better performance at work or studies, you can make your year count. And do it before December ends, please!

Don’t wait until 2021 to make a resolution

If you want to make a resolution, please don’t wait until 2021 to start. There’s no harm in making resolutions. However, if you start it only in the heat of the moment on the New Year’s eve, you’re also going to drop it quickly as soon as the aura of the new year fades away. Most gyms run full on 1st of Jan and by 3rd Jan, they’re back to normal (old normal).

How do we stop this trend? By starting your New Year resolution early.  For example, if your resolution is to read 15 pages of books daily, then start with it in december itself. Don’t wait till January 1 for it. In this way, not only do you get the time beforehand to form a routine, but you also understand more about the activity and are able to set better resolutions for New Year.


So, with that, I would like to wish each of you great success in the upcoming year. May this year, bring more positivity, gratitude and awareness in our lives.

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