How to prepare for NEET 2021 in last 3 months

With NEET 2021 stated to take place in August, we are left with three more months to prepare for NEET 2021. Whether you are a first-timer or a repeater, there are certain things  you must follow in order to prepare properly in these important months. If you are a bit left behind in your preparation, you can still catch up and score better in NEET 2021 with the below strategy. Keep reading to know how to go about your NEET preparation in these final 3 months.

Are three months enough to prepare for NEET?

Three months are enough to prepare for NEET provided that you know almost all basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Biology of Class 11 & 12. You may not be an expert in all the topics yet, but that is fine. You need to have put in atleast some effort into NEET preparation up until now. It is okay if you are lagging behind, but you need some foundation if you wish to score good in NEET 2021.

So what is needed to crack NEET 2021 in three months? – A basic idea of Concepts of Physics, Chemistry & Biology for NEET. Even if you feel like you are not upto the mark, you can always prepare for improving your scores no matter what.

What to do in remaining Months?

Let’s admit it – Not much time is now left for NEET 2021. We cannot learn everything from scratch in this remaining time. We have to focus more on important chapters and concepts. We need to focus on MCQ practice and mock tests in this remaining time. So now that we have 3 months left, let us divide the strategy into 2 parts – 2 months for MCQ practice and studying and 1 month dedicaed to mock test practice.

2 Month Study Plan for completing Chapters

Check below – 2 Month Weekwise plan.


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