Last Minute Tips for AIIMS

Last Minute Tips for AIIMS

AIIMS is one of the toughest exams in India due to its scarce selection ratio. There are less than 1000 seats of AIIMS available in India. However, a pre-medical student can always give their best shot at the exam because that is what counts !

Most AIIMS students start preparing for AIIMS after their NEET examination, which is less amount of time. Here are a few tips for you if you are falling short on time.

The NEET Advantage

The Syllabus for AIIMS is similar to that of NEET. AIIMS has Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Knowledge. Now, if you have studied for NEET, then you have covered up almost everything except General Knowledge. You only need to revise everything (briefly and not in detail). There isn’t really anything that you need to do from scratch for AIIMS except General Knowledge.

What about General Knowledge ?

Do a simple exercise daily. Devote 30 minutes – 1 hour time for reading newspapers for current affairs. Focus your attention towards medical and science related news. Don’t worry much about General Knowledge, as only 20 Questions will come of General Knowledge. Just keep this simple practice till the exam date. Pick up 1-2 month old papers if possible or else find them online. Do not spend more than 1 hour on Reading Newspapers.

What about the Remaining Subjects ?

Since there is very little time left, it is impractical to think of studying everything from syllabus. Instead, you should solve test series only. Solve at least 1 paper a day in the morning. Then go through the solutions and check for mistakes. Revise only those parts where you made a mistake.

So, you will be solving a paper in the morning and then revising from mistakes in the remaining day.

Keep Calm and focus on your preparation as per the strategy above. Refrain from bringing unwanted thoughts in mind at this stage. No matter how little you have studied, you can always give your best at the exam.

Wishing you all an All the Best from entire team of Merit Store.

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