Meritstore turns 2 Years Old !

Meritstore turns 2 Years Old !

Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

We are 2 today !

Two years ago, we had a dream; To change the way India studies. To bring the power of internet to education and revolutionize lives through our impactful online courses.

However, back then, it was just a dream and today thanks to you, we are here with more than a SEVENTY THOUSAND YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS !

“Impossible”, many told us..

From the very first day in 2016, we’ve had you and your support. Even now, you are the reason we keep moving forward, day after day. We are humbled that you chose to be a part of our journey and do continue to trust in us.

With all that support, today we have more than 20 impressive online courses on our website, of which atleast 5 are Massive Open Online Courses. We have tens of thousands of visits on our website every month. People love visiting our blog, courses that they have enrolled in, and our Open Courses.

We have more than 72,000 subscribers on our youtube channel with around 4 million total views ! Our website traffic has been doubling year after year.

While a simple ‘thanks’ isn’t enough to express my gratitude, our team still owe you a BIG thank you for being part of the MERITSTORE story.

Prajna Devadiga, Sunit Raut, Anil Thomas

Do not forget to Write down your wishes, thoughts and suggestions for Meritstore in the comments below.

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