NEET : New Regulations and Meritstore’s take on it

NEET : New Regulations and Meritstore’s take on it

Like the past year, the Education Board has come up new rules for NEET just before the exam, putting students who already have 3 attempts in trauma. Let us have a look at the new rules :

New Rules:

  1. Candidates can appear for NEET only 3 times in lifetime.
  2. Age limit for candidates is 25 for unreserved. Those from reserved category get a 5 year relaxation.

Reasons for changing Eligibility Criteria :

It is justified that 3 attempts have more advantage over 1 attempt. The board wants to refrain seniors from taking the exam as they get an undue advantage. Also, there has been a trend among coaching classes that their faculty members appear the examination to understand the changing trends in the examination. The 25 age bar will also bring an end to this trend.

The Effect of the Rule

The rule will have a good impact, but from the next year onwards. For the current year, it does more bad than good. This rule has a very big negative impact on students who have prepared this year for their 4th attempt.

Anil Thomas, a co-founder of Merit Store says,” One of my student, from Debagarh, Orissa, prepares the entire year, the fourth time to become a doctor, and now with a few months to go for NEET 2017, our Education dept announces
“Students Cannot Attempt NEET More Than Three Times,That Too Only Until You Turn 25! ”
WHY couldn’t they announce this at the beginning of the academic year ..
why the hell does such mess and confusion happens every year before the exams ! These people should be sued for creating this trauma for students ! ”

Our Take on the issue :

This is a welcome move but the problem is its timing. It should be clearly understood by the education board that all academic decisions should be taken at the beginning of the academic year.

Imagine that you have already attempted NEET 3 times, you are already depressed but still you studied hard for another 1 year for your 4th attempt and at the end of the year, you are not allowed to sit for the exam !

It’s high time that decision-making authorities understand that all such decisions should be taken at the beginning of an academic year.


Merit Store is committed to serve as a platform to give voice to all NEET Aspirants. Do join us and help us in getting maximum signatures for the national petition here :

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