Essential Tips for JEE 2019

Essential Tips for JEE 2019

JEE, a route to reach the best engineering institutes across India i.e. the IITs and NITs. Every year, millions of students apply for Joint Entrance Exam to get a place in some of the finest engineering institutes in the world. For this, a lot of students quit their co-curricular activities and become bookworms, which is quite not necessary.

Getting prepared for JEE is good, as it offers you a way to move forward for a golden future, but killing up your Interests and Hobbies for it is certainly not appropriate. Your dream of JEE must be your power to win, not your weakness to lose. To help all the candidates in preparing for the upcoming Joint Entrance Examinations, we are here to showcase some key points for JEE. These points will tell you that preparation of JEE do not means to execute your hobbies and interests.

JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is basically an entrance examination, which is conducted to offer seats in various centrally funded engineering institutes across entire country. The examination include two different paper modes ‘JEE Mains’ and ‘JEE Advanced’, in which only the JEE Mains qualified candidates will be able to appear for JEE Advanced Examination. Both the papers include objective pattern, still, the JEE Advanced is believed to be one of the most challenging undergraduate admission tests across the entire world. Scared..? Don’t be, just go through the points mentioned below, which will splash out the agitation of JEE from your mind.

Everything Depends on Concepts

Always try to learn and understand things instead of just memorizing them. Mugging things would leave you nowhere, hence we will highly recommend you to grasp things and understand the logic behind each and every small thing. Getting deep in logic will make you surrounded by many doubts, and clearing them up will provide you a genuine knowledge of that thing.

Don’t ever hesitate to ask something, the more you ask the better it will become. You will never see a direct questions in JEE advance, most of them require some basic concept straight from fundamentals. Hence, it is very important to get deep knowledge of basic concepts to crack JEE examination.

NCERT is a Panacea for this

NCERT books are the best study material for JEE examination (specially Physics and Chemistry), as many questions are directly asked from NCERT in the examination. Many students have a mentality that NCERT is easy and doesn’t matter much for JEE Advanced, which is a false belief by sure. In fact, most of the questions of inorganic chemistry are often asked from NCERT syllabus. We would highly recommend every aspirant of JEE, even he/she is not from CBSE board, to get through the NCERT.

Don’t Puzzle Up With Foreign Author Books

Most of the candidates appearing for JEE use a lot of foreign author books, as they have an illusion that those books have some special and easy things to learn. JEE, as we all know is an Indian examination and the books of foreign authors are not exactly meant for it. Most of the top rankers from JEE haven’t even touched these books, so, don’t worry if you are unable to study them. We would highly recommend to with the books from Indian authors (especially NCERT Books).

Quality is more important than quantity

We have already mentioned above that most of the questions in JEE requires basic fundamental knowledge. JEE doesn’t demand you to solve 20 books and remember every minute detail in them. It simply requires you to understand basic logics and concepts, which will promote a logical approach. Hence, we recommend you to select a few quality books and practice basic concepts as much as possible. Moreover, solving out mock papers of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced will also help you in getting through the journey.

Manage JEE and school studies together

Many individuals join dummy schools and additional coaching for JEE, which is not required exactly. The main study material for JEE is NCERT and regular schooling will help you in great aspects with that. Hence, it is highly recommended not to miss out your daily school routine, as school studies will clear out all of your basic issues, which is the most important thing in this examination.

Dummy schools don’t work out for everyone, as it will give you a chance to prepare day and night, but you might get drained after the a few months. There are also chances that you will face a lot of pressure, and your mind might boiled up in the end. Therefore, we suggest you to manage your school with the preparation, as it will help you in working with a free mind.

You can’t estimate the type of paper you will get

Students have a habit to estimate the examination according to different theories. For example, some students think that if xyz IIT is hosting the examination then chemistry would be tough and maths would be easier. These type of assumption are totally worthless and will leave you empty handed in the end. So, never ever go with these type of unfruitful assumptions, as these will give you nothing but a failure.

The paper pattern of Joint Entrance Exam changes a lot every year, and there are no fixed question type for this. Important and useful information such as marking scheme, topic wise weightage and even maximum marks already get revealed by the examination authorities via the official website of JEE. Thus, we suggest you not to indulge with these filthy beliefs.

Coaching helps, but you can do well with self-study also

Most of the students get admitted in various coaching institutes, which undoubtedly guide well and keep you in a perfect schedule. But, if you have a perfect mind set aiming to get selected in JEE, you can get it done without the help of any coaching institute. Don’t let this factor snatch the peace of your mind. Moreover, you can also take help with many online channels and website that provide daily online classes and study material such as WiFiStudy, by which you can simply get a chance to prepare at home along with a lot of time for self studies.

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These are some factors, which might help you a lot during your preparations. Once, you’re aware with all of these points, you can get you preparation in a much easier and fruitful direction. Apart from this, JEE is not a ghost to scare of, it’s just an exam and everyone have that spirit and capability to crack it. You just need to practice with an open and calm mind. We wish you all the very best for your examination, “Work Smarter Do Better”.