Advanced Foundation Course
Co-Curricular, Science

Advanced Foundation Course

Std. 9 Foundation Course (Science)

With the increasing competitive atmosphere in the field of academics, it is important to start preparing early. The Std. 9 Foundation Course aims at helping our young turks to prepare early for the big competition. The course simplifies content as much as possible so that it becomes easier and interesting to learn.

Course Outcomes

  • Introducing the Child to Basic Concepts of Higher Standards
  • To give a Competitive Edge to the Child
  • Problem Solving
  • Aptitude
  • Competence
  • Video Lectures : 2-3 Hours of each chapter
  • Estimated Time of Completion : 6 months/1 Year
  • Access : Online | PC, Tablet, Smart phone
  • Course Ends : JEE Adv 2018
  • Fee : ₹ 2500
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Who Should Take this Course ?

  • Students in Std. 8
  • Students Planning to Appear for Competitive Exams in Future
  • Pre-requisites : None

Course Contents

  • Subjects : Science & Maths
  • Video Lectures : Simple and fun-filled Explanations for each Concept.

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