Maths MCQ Course for JEE Main/Advanced

Maths MCQ Course for JEE Main/Advanced

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This course provides study material for Maths part of the Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course. This course consists of Synopsis & MCQ Video Lectures of all chapters of Maths. This course provides MCQs in 3 Levels : Easy, Medium and Advanced Level of Difficulty for better practice.

Course Outcomes

  • To Enhance Preparation for JEE Main 2019
  • To get extra practice apart from Regular Classes
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management

Course Contents

  • Subjects : Maths
  • Video Lectures : Synopsis, Level 1 MCQs, Level 2 MCQS, Level 3 MCQs for each Chapter
  • Chapters :
    • Maths :
      Algebra : Mathematical Logic, Quadratic Equations, Complex Numbers, Sequences & Series, Permutation & Combination, Binomial Theorem.
      Geometry :Co-ordinate Geometry, Circle & Conics, 3 D Geometry
      Differential Calculus : Differentiation, Application of Derivatives,
      Integral Calculus : Integration, Definite Integration, Application of Definite Integration,
      Other Topics : Limits, Continuity, Vectors, Trigonometry, Differential Equations, Matrices, Probability, Statistics,
  • Course Includes : Video Lectures, Tests, Prelims
  • Access : Online | Watch on your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart phone with internet
  • Course Type : Online Study Package
  • Valid for : 2 Years
  • Minimum Time needed to complete the course : 2 months
  • Fee : ₹ 2500 ₹ 1600
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Who Should Take this Course ?

    People with
  • Requirement : Additional Resources for JEE - Maths
  • Age : Std. 11, 12 / Repeaters
  • Pre-requisites : None

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