NEET 30 Day Practice Course

NEET 30 Day Practice Course

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The NEET 30 Day Practice Course is an Online Course, for students aspiring to crack NEET 2020. In this course, we solve and practice NEET question papers with you over 30 days. Our teachers will help you to build up your concepts as we solve mock papers over the next 30 days.

Course Outcomes

  • To improve NEET score in 30 days
  • To complete final preparation for NEET
  • To overcome time constraint through a Systematic Timetable
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Paper Attempting

Course Contents

  • Subjects:
    Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Timetable: A 30 Day Timetable to Complete Preparation in Time.
  • Video Lectures: Solving and Practicing Mock Papers (check the timetable given below)
Course Preview

Course Strategy

  • Video Lectures: Solving and Discussion of NEET Question Papers
  • Estimated Time of Completion: 1 Month
  • Access: Online | PC, Tablet, Smart phone
  • Fee: ₹ 2000 ₹ 999 /-
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This Course is for
    People with
  • Requirement : Intensive Training for Final NEET Exam
  • Age : Std. 12 and Repeaters, appearing for NEET this year
  • Pre-requisites : Should be a bit familiar with NEET syllabus and topics

Course Timetable

Note: Once you join the course, all 30 days content will be available to you throughout the course. Below, is the suggested study schedule for the course.

Day 1 Physics Paper Day 2 Chemistry Paper Day 3 Biology Paper Day 4 Physics Paper Day 5 Chemistry Paper Day 6 Biology Paper Day 7 Physics Paper
Day 8 Chemistry Paper Day 9 Biology Paper Day 10 Physics Paper Day 11 Chemistry Paper Day 12 Biology Paper Day 13 Physics Paper Day 14 Chemistry Paper
Day 15 Biology Paper Day 16 Physics & Chemistry Papers Day 17 Physics & Chemistry Papers Day 18 Physics & Chemistry Papers Day 19 Biology Paper Day 20 Biology Paper Day 21 5 Mock Papers for Self Study
Day 22 Full NEET Paper Day 23 Full NEET Paper Day 24 Full NEET Paper Day 25 Full NEET Paper Day 26 Full NEET Paper Day 27 5 Mock Papers for Self Study Day 28 Full NEET Paper
Day 29 Full NEET Paper Day 30 Important Numericals of Physics Extra Day 1 Important Numericals of Physics Extra Day 2 Important Numericals of Chemistry Extra Day 3 Important Numericals of Physics

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