SSC Daily Practice Course

SSC Daily Practice Course

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The SSC Daily Practice Course is an online course aimed at providing quality study material daily to students appearing for their Std. 10 Board Exams.

Course Contents

  • Daily Practice Sheets of Assignment
  • Chapterwise Test Papers
  • Capsule Test (at the end of chapter test)
  • Prelim Papers
  • Additional 10 Practice Papers
  • More :
    • Weekly Doubt solving session on Whatsapp
    • Monthly Webinar with prof. Anil Thomas
    • Monthly Audio Note from prof. Anil Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How do I contact for doubt solving during my course?
    There will be a Whatsapp group where you will be able to ask your doubts . There also will be doubt solving sessions held with a teacher at least 1 time in a week for an hour . The best method of solving your doubts would be to collect them all together and to solve them during the doubt solving sessions .
  • Q. What should I do if I need to start the course late?
    The course is designed in a way that the student can easily complete the course without stress . If one is to start the course late there will be stress added . But you could strategize yourself and complete the entire work done before you have started the course. You would take a longer time then everyone else in order to complete the course . Nothing else would be effected.
  • Q. What are some of the challenges surrounding online courses?
    Having internet is a must for the course . All the work will be posted on the site . Preparation of the subject before the test and doubt solving . Time management : school time with self study and then doing the work on the course .
  • Q. Do I have to log on at certain times?
    No , once the course has been purchased you can just login every day and check the given material
  • Q. When will I receive my course material?
    The course will have a specific timetable , according to which there will be material provided . The material will be available for the full duration of the course time.
  • Q. What is the typical workload for the class?
    An hour of preparation per day and an hour of homework 3 -4 times a week . Would be the typical work load of the course per day .
  • Q. What are typical assignments in the courses?
    Daily Dose : daily home work that would take 2 hours or less to complete Weekly Test : Each subject will have a chapter vise test held 2 times a week . Capsule Test : These will the copy of unit . The combination of chapters . Prelim test
  • Q. How do I sign up for the course ?
    Login on the Meritstore. Create an id and make the purchase . Once done all the material will be available
  • Q. How much time will I need to commit to the class?
    The course will be for 9 months and 3 hours a day of practice and studies .
  • Course Includes : Daily Practice Sheets, Chapterwise Test Papers, Prelim Papers
  • Access : Online | Watch on your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart phone with internet
  • Valid for : 1 Year
  • Board : Maharashtra State Board
  • Fee : ₹ 2999 ₹ 2499
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