Learner’s Manual

Become an Effective Learner with this Guide !

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Quick Tips

  1. While watching a video with practice questions on it, you should pause the video for reading and attempting the question. This also takes care of buffer time.
  2.  Online learning depends on self-discipline. There won’t be anyone to force you to study like in traditional classrooms.
  3. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection. A speed of 1 Mbps is enough for smooth streaming of videos. Check your speed here : Speedtest.net
  4. Be clear of your learning objectives at all times.
  5. Plan your studies based on content provided by Merit Store.
  6. Take study breaks.
  7. Have complete confidence on our learning abilities.
  8. Follow the peak-and-climb method of learning.
  9. Get comfortable with using the site. If in doubt, visit the Help Center.


Sometimes a student may feel like a particular chapter/topic is very difficult to understand. In such a scenario, the student must remain patient and start studying with the Iterative Method. The Student should study the chapter 5-10 times in order to understand such a chapter. With each attempt, the student is now able to recollect a little more than before.


Coming Soon : Time Management, peak-climb method of learning, Selecting a Course, Using a Course, Tips for Successetc.

Become a Quick Learner

Learning Quickly is all about retaining information efficiently and enjoying the process. Follow the giventips to become a better learner with meritstore !

  1. Apply Visualisation and imagination to the concept being learnt.
  2. Mark out important points from the total concept that you need to know.
  3. Learn to raise questions in mind whenever you are learning something. Once these questions come up in your ind, you can then find their answers from your teachers, mentors or on the internet.
  4. Put in complete attention, concentration and energy in your learning process. In this way, a 2 hour learning process can be completed in as less as 3 minutes, and you would seldom require any revision after that. Concentration is the key.

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We wish that all our users take proper care of their health whilst using computers/smartphones. Although it is important to use computers/smartphones today, do keep in mind the below health warnings and their solution.

Health Warnings :

  1.  Excessive/Prolonged/Incorrect use of computer can cause various health issues.
  2. Incorrect use of computer can cause physical and mental health issues.
  3. Incorrect usage causes Bad eyesight, bad posture, diseases caused due to maintaining a single posture for a long time.

This section is meant to help you use computers/phones for longer period with minimum risk to health.

Best Practices while Using

  1. Look away from the screen after every minute (as frequently as possible).
  2. Stretch your hands and body after every minute(as frequently as possible.
  3. After a long session of computer usage, perform eye exercises. Search on Youtube for eye exercises (Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRwXuRIR3Co&t=289s)
  4. After a long session of computer usage, go on a walk or a small exercise session.
  5. Do not concentrate on the screen for long periods. Blink more often.

Guidelines :

  1. The computer screen should be preferably 60 cm away from the user.
  2. Since, it is not possible to use mobile phone at a distance of 60 cm, you must use it for shorter intervals.
  3. Do not sit in a single posture for hours. Change your posture more frequently or else have a walk every 30 minutes of computer usage.

We urge all our users to update their lifestyle in a way that computers/smartphones do not cause any health issues.