Aptitude Test Series

Aptitude Test Series

₹ 749


The Advanced Aptitude Test Series Course is an Online Test Series, open for students aspiring to crack Aptitude Tests. This course consists of Tests for Quantitative, Verbal and Logical Reason. It also provides Full Portion and Mixed Chapters Tests for a better practice.

Course Outcomes

  • To Develop Verbal and Numerical Aptitude
  • To Practice Questions
  • To prepare for Aptitude Tests
  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Strong Foundation in Basics
  • Numerical Aptitude
  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Course Contents : Tests, Prelims
  • Estimated Time of Completion : 6 months / 1 Year
  • Access : Online Course | PC, Tablet, Smart phone
  • Fee : ₹ 1100 ₹ 749
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This course belongs to the Aptitude Section!

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