10 Reasons to love Physics

10 Reasons to love Physics

Need motivation for studying Physics for your entrance exam? You are not alone. There are several who get stuck in physics and feel that physics is the toughest to crack. In such circumstances, you need to develop love and interest in the subject. In this blog, we show you the top reasons to love Physics!

Presenting you the top 10 benefits and reasons to love Physics

1. Modern Technology

You got to lay in front of Physics for making your life easier and so much more comfortable. Today you live a lifestyle with smartphones, high-end devices and online tools that you just can’t ignore the role of physics in the upbringing of these technologies. Transistors and nano-technology made your phones and computers portable and slimmer. Advanced satellite and networking technology helps you to connect with any part of the globe within seconds.

To conclude, without physics you wouldn’t be living this life!

2. Understanding the Universe

Physics opens up new horizons for us Humans. We, humans, are curious to uncover the secrets and mysteries of the vast universe and studying physics makes you understand how the universe operates (this is something which most of us want to know but don’t). Studying physics puts you in a situation to understand the laws of nature and mechanisms of the universe better than anyone else.

3. The Complex Mathematics that is actually interesting!

Ever been through complex mathematical equations and felt like “How can someone even read and understand this ?” However, these equations are actually interesting once you start understanding the significance of the equation.

4. The basic understanding of how things move

Kinematics, Force, Newton’s Laws of Motion and Friction aren’t just mere chapters for an entrance test! These chapters dictate how things move around. Look around and you will find that these chapters are in motion all the time!

5. Physics allows you to take control of the Universe!

The biggest inventions of the modern age come through the study of physics. The iPhone, laptops, and every other electronic device that has changed the world, comes through Physics.


6. You can solve Real World-problems through Physics

Many people worldwide, are using Physics to solve real World Problems. You too can solve such real-world problems using the power of Physics!

7. You can improve your intelligence

Being able to understand complex theories and mathematics behind physics require an intelligent mind. You can practice this skill by studying physics.

8. Physics forms the basis of other Sciences

Physics has given birth to other fields of Sciences. For example, the discovery of an Atom, lead to the comprehensive study of the branch of Chemistry! Similarly, Physics has opened up an arena of branches of sciences.

9. Physics is Fun !

Stop looking at Physics in the old boring way. We have already given you a lot of reasons to fall in love with this subject!

10. Physics can help you become a better version of yourself!

In all, you become a person with a broader perspective, better visualization and higher aptitude.

Love Physics? Pick up some good Physics books from here: Top Books to Read for Physics Lovers.

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  • Shrabani Banerjee Posted September 19, 2022 7:37 pm

    I want to tell You I am mad physics lover I can’t live without it and all of points you told I knew before seeing this may be its also power of physics blessings but this time I have to do btech cse so I will not read it I felt very helpless like I am losing my best friend my buddy my everything I will surely do msc physics then if possible phd but what to do now please suggest?

    • Meritstore Posted September 20, 2022 9:32 am

      CSE is a good stream and provides the best employment opportunities in today’s times in India. You can still continue learning and exploring Physics as a hobby in your free time. In this post, we have given some books to read for Physics lovers, you can start your journey from there.

  • Gaya3 Posted August 1, 2018 12:38 pm

    Thank you😁

  • Dj Posted July 5, 2018 5:18 pm

    Physics is fun!!!!
    I hope so

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