4 Hacks to Crack Any Entrance Examination

4 Hacks to Crack Any Entrance Examination

Here are 4 Hacks that will definitely keep you ahead of the competition !

1. Concentrate fully while studying

Many Students miss out on this key component of preparation. They run behind strategies, tricks, tips but miss out on the most crucial element – i.e. Concentration. If you concentrate very well while studying, there are more benefits of it than you may think !

Concentration as a Learning Tool

Learning and remembering becomes easier when you concentrate on the chapter while studying it. You will be able to remember things for  longer time, which means you need not revise again and again.

Concentration as a Time Saver 

Time is precious, isn’t it ? If you do a work with full concentration you will surely finish off the work quicker, thereby saving time. It also saves your time by reducing the need to revise again and again.

You can then invest this time in other activities like relaxation, hobbies, etc. If you save time by studying with concentration, there will be never ever be stress on you and that gives you the confidence to face the preparation and ace the examination.

2. Try to complete the Syllabus early

Most students plan to finish the syllabus and then begin solving mock tests in the last month of preparation. Here lies the second hack ! If you want to be ahead of the competition, try to finish off the syllabus in record time ! Finish off the syllabus well in advanced. While others keep waiting for the syllabus to get over in their classes, you can complete the syllabus by self study(through our free synopsis courses as well).

3. Solve Mock tests once a week from now on

As discussed earlier, most students will begin their mock tests in the last month.  Thus, to stay ahead of competition, we can begin attempting mock tests from the very beginning. It is okay if your syllabus is not yet complete, you should still start solving mock tests. Mock tests allow you to understand the examination and prepare accordingly.

Also, note down the papers that you solve before completing the syllabus. Once you do complete the syllabus, re-attempt these papers.

4. Rather than simply reading/revising; spend all of your time in practice only. ONLY !

Do not keep reading or revising again and again. Most students have this habit because it is convenient to sit in  place and simply keep reading. You could be ahead of the competition by simply breaking this habit. As an educational mentor, I want to see you sit with a pen and paper.

The reason that practice is the ultimate key to success is that when you practice, alongside practice you also revise, memorize, solve, think and attempt questions. You see ? All components of your entrance exam get covered under “Practice”. So forget everything else and always have a pen in hand !

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