Tips for the Final Exam Day

Tips for the Final Exam Day

Imagine spending precious years of your life, preparing for a life-changing examination and then messing it up on the exam day. Not good, right ?

Well, it is therefore very important to know what you need to do in order to have a fine day on your final exam.

Basics First : Sleep & Hydration

Being healthy is not only important for your exam, but also for your life. Sleep for at least 7 hours before an exam. Have a glass of water before and after going to bed.

Do not skip breakfast on the exam day. Many students avoid eating before an exam due to nervousness, which is a really bad habit. You need to be hydrated and energetic on exam day. So, you cannot afford to skip breakfast. Have at least a light snack before leaving for exam hall.

Be Mentally Fit

You need to be ready to deal with any (worse) situation that comes up during an exam. You need to be mentally prepared to face the difficulties/challenges that a particular exam brings with it.

For physical fitness, you need to have a good snack before you leave, along with enough amounts of water/fluids. For mental fitness, you need positivity with enough amount of concentration/focus.

 Create Super-Quick Revision Notes

Keep short notes ready for your final day revision. These notes should not be more than 5 pages long and should contain only the most important points that you need to remember for the exam.

Be Confident

This is very important !

Now let us do a quick case study.

Imagine that you are preparing for an exam. You have completed 35% of the syllabus,which points out that you may score around 35% in your exam. Now let us consider two cases.

Case 1 : Little Confidence / Anxiety

You would definitely score less than expected due to anxiety.

Case 2 : Full Confidence

You would confidently answer the questions that you have studied and you would also have a chance of scoring more than expected.

Now, there is one more thought we must put forward. Will worrying about the exam increase your performance (it would decrease, in fact) ? If not then what is the point in worrying ?

You need to avoid the “ifs” that keep coming up in mind just before an exam. What “if” I forget ? What “if” What “if” What “if” ?

What if I told you that your chances of actually worrying are higher when you actually think “What i” ?

So, hold your nerves and be confident.

Be Ready to face the Exam with whatever knowledge you have

You have to accept the amount of knowledge that you possess while entering the exam hall. Don’t hold any regrets, as now it does not really matter. accept your situation – good or bad -And try to make the best out of your situation.

Never Give Up

In tougher exams like entrance tests or physics test, situation can get out of hand.

You need to deal with the situation like a Warrior !

Be a Warrior

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