Here’s Why you should Practice harder for NEET/AIIMS

Here’s Why you should Practice harder for NEET/AIIMS

There is never a substitute to practice. So whatever your aspiration in life is, you got to practice hard. Focused and timely practice always ensures excellent results. This philosophy holds true for all AIIMS and NEET aspirants in the country.

With an opportunity to secure a seat in one of the seven AIIMS scattered around the country, the AIIMS entrance exam sees a large number of applicants every year. And, the competition is only getting more difficult with every passing year.

On similar lines, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, NEET opens doors to admission for any graduate or postgraduate course in medical or dental streams. Many private and government medical colleges are associated with the NEET exam and offer admissions on the basis of the cut-offs secured in the same.

For every school going student who aspires to be a doctor someday, AIIMS or NEET Preparation begins early. Striking a perfect balance between your entrance exam preparations and school studies is an integral aspect of this preparation journey. Many students find it pretty hard to juggle both comfortably and efficiently at that. The question that keeps lingering is about the perfect approach.

Is Self-Preparation a Holistic Approach to NEET Preparation?

No, not necessarily. You would require immense motivation to rely on self-preparation for successfully clearing AIIMS or NEET. With nobody else to monitor each step you traverse and support you when you falter or push you when demotivation strikes, everything just relies on yourself. Both these exams are big enough not to take such chances. Why be in a position to cry over spoiled milk? Think wise and think right. Ask for help, when you can!

Does Coaching Solve the Issue?

Yes, it does to a large extent. Let’s understand the underlying reasons for the same.

  1. Coaching Offers a Streamlined Approach: While you are still be pondering over where and how to begin, a professional NEET Coaching institute would have a perfect planner in place.
  2. Experts to Guide You Through: While preparing for the medical entrance exams like NEET and AIIMS, you would need expert guidance time and again. These expert tutors at the coaching institutes bring along decades of subject knowledge and understand the essentials to clear these exams.
  3. Coaching Motivates: If you have no benchmarks and no competition, you tend to lag behind. Everybody needs that required push and motivation to march ahead. With regular assessments, live rankings, and the spirit to compete with fellow batch mates, you have the perfect environment to succeed.
  4. Opportunities to Improve: Every assessment comes around with a detailed insight into your areas of development. Your tutors will guide you through those troughs, effortlessly. This aspect is something you miss entirely during self-preparation.
  5. Brings Essential Regularity: All the above aspects bring in the required degree of success because coaching is regular. You do not have many liberties and follow a schedule. This schedule is the least stretch you need to clear either AIIMS or NEET. You can, of course, follow it up with rigorous self-preparation.


So, it’s evident that the cons of any one approach shouldn’t limit your AIIMS or NEET Preparation. The more you can work on a mix and match schedule between coaching and self-preparation, the higher the benefits. While coaching gives you required motivation, self-preparation relaxes the mind. Eventually, you get to absorb all expert suggestions and also find your path to reach the destination.

Why does Practice help With Comprehensive Medical Preparation?

Regular Practicing molds your mind into accepting the correct approach, to solve a particular kind of problem. If you practice the same things every day, it will get imbibed in your memory; it’s as simple as that.

A perfect amalgamation of the tough, medium and easy questions makes for the most well laid out medical exam paper. Understanding important topics and ignoring irrelevant data is what calls for a strategic preparation. However, some basic requirements aid your practice:

  • Practicing lengthy Physics problems is a must to get the concept right. You will gradually identify the best approach to solve them quickly.
  • In Chemistry, one needs to practice the chemical equations well to ensure quick scoring. Equations are easy to understand, it just requires regular practice to get the correct balance. Moreover, practice every day to get that periodic table on your tips.
  • Biology requires you to practice the nomenclatures right. You can make your personalized shortcuts to aid memorizing so many names.


Let’s have a look at some tips to help you with AIIMS/NEET Preparation.

  1. Never underestimate the significance of your school syllabus and NCERT books for class 11th and 12th. So, set your base right by comprehensively understanding the NCERT syllabus.
  2. Understand the AIIMS and NEET paper patterns correctly to set the correct approach. Like NEET gives more focus to Biology, while AIIMS paper sees an equal distribution of marks between the three subjects.
  3. Now, if you have enrolled yourself in a NEET Coaching program, they will guide you through the past year difficult level of such exams. For instance, check out the difficulty level of NEET 2017.
  4. Understand the class wise percentage distribution of questions in the past year papers to focus on the specific topics accordingly.
  5. Gather the correct books for preparation. Club NCERT books with popular reference books like:
    1. Concepts of Physics by HC Verma,
    2. Objective Physics by DC Pandey,
    3. Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon,
    4. Objective Chemistry by Dinesh Publication,
    5. Modern’s ABC of Chemistry for class 11th and 12th,
    6. Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman,
    7. Objective Biology by Dinesh,
    8. Objective Biology by Pradeep Publications

When correct practice methodology aids strategic guidance, there is nothing to deter you from your medical goals. Climb the ladder of success with a perfect approach to NEET/AIIMS Preparation. Hope you achieve great success.

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