How Meritstore can Help you prepare for NEET

How Meritstore can Help you prepare for NEET

Meritstore is an Online Learning Platform with a variety of courses. Our aim is to help students to learn new skills, to pursue their dreams and explore their passions.

With this goal in mind, we have created a series of paid and free courses for NEET aspirants. In this post, we take you through how Meritstore can help you prepare for NEET.

The NEET Free Course

NEET / AIIMS Free Course consists of explanation / synopsis of all chapters of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It also consists of free tests, exercises and quizzes for practice.

This course is completely free and open to access for all.

MCQ-based Paid Courses

Although these courses require a fee to enroll into, they are the most effective ones, as they help you take on MCQs directly.

Also, courses on Meritstore are priced much less as compared to other online learning websites. Our aim is to keep Meritstore accessible to as many students as possible and hence we keep our costs as low as possible.

Crash Course for NEET

Meritstore provides a crash course for NEET, so that you can complete your last 4 months preparation in time. The crash course that we provide are MCQ-based and to-the-point. These courses are designed to help students cover more in less time.

The crash course also comes along with a weekly timetable for reference.

Top-Quality Website

We believe that in order to make a positive impact on our students, our website can not be anything less than the best. Our website makes it easier for you to find your favourite courses quickly and access them smoothly with ease.

Our courses work perfectly fine on mobile devices, too as about 80% students prefer to study on mobile devices.

Video Lectures

Our video lectures are very much to-the-point. We take a conscious effort to cut the noise and keep it straight and simple.

Our lectures are mostly in the format of pen and paper, so that students can view the lectures more clearly with least distractions.


Our Guidance Network is very strong. Our Youtube Channel and Website Blogs contain a lot of quality content, tips, tricks, suggestions, advice and motivation. These services are ofcourse, free to access.


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    Shaik Thousif Posted May 8, 2020 12:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing with us about How Meritstore can Help you prepare for NEET content is very good and informative.

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    Madhushree Posted April 7, 2019 1:39 am

    If i purchase 50 mock papers are those papers available in pdf ? So i can take printouts

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