How Meritstore is changing Education in India

How Meritstore is changing Education in India

Meritstore is an Indian Start up in Ed-tech Sector. We at Meritstore, aim at improving educational facilities in India with our existing and upcoming tools.

What we Offer Currently

1. Quality Courses at Low Prices

Adopting the method of Online Learning allows us to set the prices of our courses lower than physical classrooms. This pricing structure makes our courses accessible to more people, especially in rural India.

2. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Merit Store continues to produce MOOCs along with other paid courses as a part of this movement. Free Courses are an attempt to make world-class education accessible to everyone, anywhere. These free courses are a part of our project MOOC Movement, India.  Join Meritstore today and become a part of this Movement to bring MOOCs in India.

3. On-the-Point Video Lectures

Our videos are very much on-the-point. No distractions, No non-sense and no fuzzy animations. Our videos are straight forward. This helps us to focus on achieving our course objectives.

What we are Innovating

1. Gamification

Gamification is a hot-topic for research in the Education sector. We at Meritstore have already started working on the “Gamification” project and the first such games will appear in the Std. 8 & 9 Foundation Courses.

Gamification of courses, in simple terms is the inclusion of games as a teaching/learning tool. This was a much needed step since the millenium generation has proved to understand gaming rules better than anytime before.

Caution : Gamification should only be used for courses that are fun-filled.

2. Focus on Skill Development

This stands important as in India, 80% engineers are considered to be unemployed after undergrad years. To make matters worse, there is a surplus of demand by students for engineering seats. This will eventually lead to a large chunk of engineers to go unemployed or take up other professions.

Working professionals need a mix of skills like management, communication and technical skills. These skill are quite overlooked during the undergrad years due to vast technical syllabus and constraint of time. The student is left alone by the universities to learn these skills.

At Meritstore, we have planned courses on Employability, Management, Communication and more. We have planned skill development courses that help students to acquire skills required by the industry.

3. Machine Learning & Data Science

Data is a very important asset. In the future, Data will be a trending topic and we are preparing for it.

Data gives us access to user behavior and preferences. When a machine is capable of understanding human behavior, it can serve the user in a better way.

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