How Students can take care of their Mental Health

How Students can take care of their Mental Health

General tips to maintain good Mental Health throughout your student life

Exercise Daily

Good physical health also keeps the brain healthy. Exercising daily improves blood circulation and many other functions of your body. A simple 30-minute exercise routine in the morning/evening can help you ease the tension in your body and energize you for the day. An exercise session need not necessarily contain heavy exercise. You can engage in something as simple as walking, jogging, running or any sport/physical activity you enjoy.

Spend time with your loved ones

Spending time with your loved ones enhances your mental & social well-being. Try to spend enough time with your friends, family and other near & dear ones. Not only would you safeguard your well-being but also of those who you spend time with.

Have a more open relationship with your parents

As a student or young kid, your relationship with your parent is the foundation of your life. You should strive to improve your relationship with them and keep communications open & transparent with them. They might seem strict to you, but at the end of the day, they love you and care about you. You need to trust them a little more so that your relationship can improve.

Have a more open relationship with your teachers

As a student, your relationship with your teachers plays an important role in your academic life. Your teachers help & guide you with their experience for you to gain & acquire knowledge. Always maintain good relations with all of your teachers and give them the respect that they deserve.

Maintain a Journal/Diary

Maintaining a journal or diary can be an effective way to keep a check on your feelings, emotions and experiences. It also helps you to note down important events of your life and how you felt during those moments. Journalling is a useful practice to help you stay on track with your life experiences.

What to do if your Mental Health Deteriorates

If you ever feel overwhelmed, disheartened, or just dull for no reason, then you can follow the below tips to get out of the cloud.

Go out for a walk

Feeling dull for no reason? Try going out on a short 10-minute walk. Go to the streets, market or parks. Just like magic, you will feel much better within 5 minutes of the walk. Walking helps to improve circulation in your body. Walking out in an open area like a park or an open street helps your mind to freshen after spending hours indoors. A walk is a solution for most stressful situations of your life. Go take a Walk!

Do one thing that you love

Do one thing that you love – just one thing. It could be any thing. It could be a hobby like painting, drawing, reading, dancing, singing. It could be an activity like listening to music, watching online web series/shows, movies, etc. It could also be walking, jogging, running or any sport you love. Do one thing that you love and focus your attention on it.

Do not hesitate to seek professional help if needed

Just as we would consult a doctor for a physical ailment, it’s equally crucial to prioritize our mental well-being. If you’re going through a tough time, experiencing overwhelming stress, anxiety, or any other emotional challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to a mental health professional. They are trained to provide guidance, support, and effective strategies to help you overcome these hurdles. Remember, taking care of your mental health is an essential part of overall well-being and success, and seeking help when needed is a courageous step towards a healthier and happier future.

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