How to attempt JEE Main Question Paper

How to attempt JEE Main Question Paper

The last and final step of your mission JEE is going to be the way you solve the paper on the Final exam day. You need to be very clear about how you are going to attempt the paper in order to finish it on time, avoid negative marks and maximize your score.

Know the JEE Question Paper Format first!

It is important to familiarize yourself with the JEE Question Paper format. so that you can plan your paper-solving strategy well.

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Time Management

In JEE Main you have 90 questions and 180 minutes to solve them. So you have 2 minutes to solve each Question. Out of 90 at least 20 questions should be theory-based or simple Numericals that won’t take more than half a minute. So, considering that you still can spend close to 3 minutes on the challenging problems.

So, in a nutshell, 3 minutes for challenging problems, 2 minutes for normal tough problems, 1 minute for easier ones and negligible time for theory-based questions.

Subject wise Time Management

Your easiest and the most scoring subject is going to be Chemistry. Physics and Maths require a lot of rough work while Chemistry has the highest number of theory questions in the paper.

So, you should be able to complete Chemistry within 40 minutes. Out of the remaining 140 minutes, you should be able to solve Physics and Maths in 70 minutes each. If you can minimize the timing of Chemistry, it could act as a bonus for Physics and Maths.

So again: 40 minutes for Chemistry | 70 minutes for Physics | 70 minutes for Maths.

Note: This might look difficult, but you need to accept the difficulty level and start working on it.

You may also want to divide time based on difficulty level rather than subjects.  For example 30 minutes for theory-based. 1 hour for moderate level problems and the remaining time for most difficult problems.

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Order of Attempt

Our preferred order of Attempts is: Chemistry | Physics | Maths

The order of Attempts isn’t really of much importance and there is no single best order of attempts. However, it is important that you follow an order that you are comfortable with.

Pick up question papers , try different orders of Attempt and see what works the best for you and follow that. Another good reason for solving papers, isn’t it ?

Avoid Negative Marking

Every negative mark avoided is also a mark gained!

So, you need to have clarity on what you know and what you don’t. You should clearly know your strengths and weaknesses as you go into your JEE examination.

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Wishing all JEE Aspirants, Strength, Persistence and Determination!

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