How to Crack JEE in 4 Months

How to Crack JEE in 4 Months

In another 4 months, you will be giving a very important exam that will affect your career. And if you feel under-prepared for JEE, then now is the right time to do something about it. You cannot afford to delay it any further.

To be frank, it is not going to be easy. Nothing good in life has ever come easily. You will have to sacrifice the next 4 months of your life for an important cause – Your Career in Engineering. Isn’t it worth sacrificing 4 months of your 50-80 year life to get into a good engineering college ?


Monthly Schedule

Here we are assuming that you aren’t very well versed with all the concepts.

December : Revising Concepts of Std. 11 & 12 thoroughly.

You should be able to solve all basic types of MCQs from all chapters.

January : Solving Higher Level MCQs.

Pick up a good book of MCQs and solve only higher level MCQs. Ignore the easy/basic level questions.

February : Boards

March : Solving Mock Papers. Solve 1 Mock Paper every day.

So, this is a 4 month plan that will guarantee you up to 250-280 Marks if you follow it strictly. There are several mistakes that students make while following this schedule. So, here we are going to discuss thee mistakes so that everything goes as planned for you.


In December, your target would be to study all concepts from std. 11 & 12 thoroughly. By now you might have even completed a few chapters. So, whatever the number of chapters that are remaining to be completed, whether it be 30,40,50 ; divide it in to 28-31 days. And then follow the daily targets.

Remember that if you don not complete the December targets, you will end up asking “How to prepare for JEE in 3 Months ?” So use that reminder as a motivating factor. After all you have decided to commit to JEE preparation for the next 4 Months !


By the end of December, you are expected to know the basics of all chapters.

So, now in January, you are supposed to pick up a good MCQ book and start solving higher level MCQs from the book. Ignore the easy questions as that would be a waste of time. Straight away pick up higher level questions and solve them.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult, but only in the beginning ! After 15-20 days of practice, you will start being comfortable with these MCQs and basically that is what is needed to crack JEE.

Here is some Recommendation for picking a good MCQ Book : Most Recommended Books for JEE

Also, do not ignore the solutions. Many students aim to solve a large number of MCQs daily and in the process end up ignoring the solutions and thus not learning anything out of their practice sessions. You need to make it a point to go though the solutions of all MCQs that you solve.

February & March

Let us save this month for your Board Exams. If you have your board exams in March, then follow the timetable of March in February.

If you are a dropper, you can extend your January schedule in to February (2x practice !).

Basically, you need to manage between boards / MCQ practice / Mock Tests in these two months of February and March.

Once your board exams are done, your day would look something like this :

  1. Solve a Mock Test in the first half of the day.
  2. Go through the solutions, Analyze your mistakes and revise in the second half of the day.

    Alert !

    Remember that this is going to be difficult to follow if you lose track midway. And you should be willing to study at all times because if you miss it out this month, you are going to ask next month “How to prepare for JEE in 3 months”. We hope that you remain on track this month and just get it done !

    Read : What to do when you are losing track 

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