How to Crack JEE without Coaching

How to Crack JEE without Coaching

Many students have repeatedly asked over the years, “How can one prepare for JEE without coaching ?” or “Is it possible to crack JEE in one year without coaching ?”

In this blog post, we try to break down to you what it takes to crack JEE without coaching, if it is possible or not and how effective would it be.

What it takes to Crack JEE ?

There are a number of factors that account for cracking JEE with a good score.

  1. Being Clear and Thorough with basic concepts as per NCERT syllabus
  2. Being Able to solve JEE-level Questions
  3. Being Able to solve Questions within a Time Limit

Achieving all of this is very much possible without coaching. Here’s what you need to do in order to achieve the above 3 points without coaching.

1. Discipline

You need discipline to stay on track towards your goal. The students that take coaching also need discipline. However, in their case, they are forced to attend their classes even though they lack interest. Thus, they always end up studying for 2-3 hours ever day.

As a student who does not take coaching, you need to be self motivated, and should set a timetable, just like coaching classes have. In these 2-3 hours, you should force yourself to study, so that you can keep up and compete with coaching students.

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2. Study Material

Let’s keep it very simple.

  1. NCERT Textbooks for basic understanding of Concepts.
  2. 1 Good MCQ Book for Practice.

You can choose a good MCQ book for practice here : Most Recommended Books for JEE

3. Mock Tests

If you are serious about JEE, then you need to be solving at least 30-40 Mock Papers during your preparation. This practice is also important to catch up with coaching students.

5 Free Mock Papers : Free JEE Revision Course
Buy 50 practice Papers here : JEE 50 Practice Papers

4. Guidance

Without coaching, you may not have easy access to guidance from mentors. Thus, in this situation, you can rely on online resources like the Meritstore Blog and Youtube Channel.

Know what needs to be done

If you aren’t taking any coaching for JEE, then you my have limited knowledge about what ll needs to be done during preparation.

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Make Best Use of Resources

Always remember, that not all who take coaching crack JEE, nor do all who don’t take coaching fail at JEE. The ones that crack JEE are those who use their resources in the best possible manner -whether coaching or not.

The resources that you have in your hand are books, teachers, internet, and most importantly “TIME”. So, make the best use of these resources.

If you use your resources properly, then it doesn’t really matter if you take coaching or not.

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