How to Deal with High Parental Expectations

How to Deal with High Parental Expectations

Are you currently puzzled by the high expectations that parents, teachers and society often set on you? This is a common phenomenon affecting every student in our society. But, if dealt properly, it is possible to make the best out of these expectations.

Understanding Expectations

Studies have shown that high parental expectations are associated with high academic achievement. But setting expectations too high is counterproductive, new research shows.

Parents display a strong commitment to their children’s education by providing them with extra paid tutoring and expressing willingness to provide support in whatever ways they can, regardless of social class.

Many of the parents express a desire to help their children achieve what they could not achieve due to the limited economic and practical resources they had experienced in their lives.

Do not internalize these Expectations

Expectations tend to become overwhelming when we internalize them. To “internalize” means to take in, accept, or incorporate something, such as beliefs, values, expectations, or external influences, into one’s own thoughts, feelings, and identity. When someone internalizes something, it becomes a part of their inner world and guides their actions and decisions.

In the context of parental expectations, if a person internalizes these expectations, it means they have incorporated them into their own self-concept and may feel a strong sense of pressure or obligation to meet those expectations, even if they don’t align with their personal desires or values. Internalizing parental expectations can sometimes lead to stress, anxiety, or a sense of living someone else’s life rather than pursuing one’s own goals and aspirations.

How to deal  with Expectations

1. Acceptance

The first step to dealing with expectations is to accept them. Accept where you currently stand and where you want to stand.

The more you deny the situation, the more harm you cause to yourself. Accept the situation and feel the relief that acceptance brings with it.

2. Do not Think  about Expectations

It is not really necessary for you to keep thinking about expectations all the time. That will only leave you overwhelmed and unnecessarily consume a part of your mind.

You already have a lot to be done. You can not allow expectations to occupy your mind. Expectations are only to be considered once when you set goals. In this way, your goal will be consistent with your expectations.

3. Set Goals

Once you have set your goals, it is time to forget the expectations and focus on the goal. This is because now the goal that you have set is a reflection of your expectations.

In this way, you can avoid getting pressured by expectations and focus more on your goals, while also fulfilling all Expectations.

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