How to form the Habit of Reading Books

How to form the Habit of Reading Books

Start with 15 pages daily

Start with 15 pages a day. Do not put much pressure on yourself. Great habits take time to develop. Start with 15 or even 10 pages if you are comfortable. It is important to make a start. Do not worry if you find yourself struggling to read 10-15 pages or taking too much time to read. Eventually, as habit develops, your reading skills will improve.

It might not be always possible to dedicate time to reading books daily. On some days you might be too busy to read books. In such a case, you should follow a flexible book-reading schedule. Keep a target of reading 15 pages a day on average.  If you miss a day, add 15 extra pages the next day. You can also read more than your target daily, so as to fill the backlog or create some space for yourself in the coming days. In this way, you need not give the same amount of time daily, but can make adjustments and still complete 15 pages a day on average.

Pick up some easy-to-read books

As a beginner, you should pick some easy beginner-friendly books. Depending on which genre, you are interested in, here are some of the easy-to-read books for beginners: Top 5 books for beginners in each genre

Read these books or similar ones. It is important that you are interested in the topic of the book. We have made the list for you, It is time to start picking books!

Learn to Read Fast

Reading fast surely helps to make reading a more enjoyable experience. Most of us read slowly because of the way we have been taught to read in school. We consciously repeat the words one-by-one in our minds while reading. This reduces the reading speed by a large margin. There are a few important tips that can increase your reading speed by two times. Read How to increase your reading speed by twice.

We all know how books can play an important role in our lives. Whether you are looking towards reading novels for entertainment or self-help books or inspirational books, it is important to form a book-reading habit. A reading habit makes it easy to make time for reading books in our daily hustle. In this blog, we show you how you can develop the habit of reading books. Here are some easy tips to get you started on your book-reading journey!

Identify your Reason for Reading

Everyone has a unique reason for reading. Some might want to improve their vocabulary, some might want to reduce their phone time, and some might want to learn new interesting things. Or simply, it could be a combination of reasons. You should identify why you want to read books. This reason will always keep you on the right track with regard to your book-reading habit. It is easy to do something if there is a strong reason behind it. So, What is your reason for reading books?

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