How to increase your Reading Speed by thrice

How to increase your Reading Speed by thrice

Reading Speed is an important skill which ca help you to boost your productivity. Your productivity will increase as you will be able to read through documents much faster and also be able to understand them better. In this blog post, we will share with you a simple technique to improve your reading speed at least three times.

Read 2-3 words at a time

A common mistake that most people make while reading books is that they read each word one by one. Instead of looking at words one by one, we should look at words in a group of two, three or four. This improves our speed and also helps us to comprehend the sentence better.

Let us do a quick exercise:

Read the below words one by one as underlined:

I am happy with the silver stone that I found under the sand at the Beach.

Now read the same sentence with groups of words below as underlined:

I am happy with the silver stone that I found under the sand at the Beach.

Which one was faster?

When you read words as groups, it further increases your reading speed and also improves your comprehension. When you read a sentence word-b-word, you may tend to get lost in words. But, when you read a sentence as a group of words, you understand the meaning of the sentence better and that too at a better reading speed.

Practice and Read more

The best way to improve your reading speed is to start practising and reading more books. Meritstore has a plethora of reading suggestions for you to start your reading journey. Apply the techniques learnt in this blog post and you will be surprised to see how you are now able to read texts effortlessly and more confidently too, at better reading speeds. Let us know in the comments below!

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