How to Memorize Easily

How to Memorize Easily

Whether it be Chemical Reactions or Formulae of Physics and Math, Memorizing is an important skill to hone. Memory is an element of study along with Analytic skills, Reasoning, Logical Thinking and Observation. In this post, we guide you through the process of Remembering things better, faster and longer.

Your brain is an incredible device. It takes care of you at all times. Your brain protects you from overloading information so that extra information is not stored unnecessarily in your memory. Do you know how your brain does this ? Your brain stores every new piece of information like the latest chapter,formula,reaction is first stored in the short-term memory. At this point in time, your brain doesn’t know if this information is important or not – even if you do ! The only way that your brain uses to understand whether it is important or not is by how often you use the piece of information. If you use it frequently, this piece of information is shifted to the long-term memory. Isn’t the brain incredible ?

1. Use Information more Often

As discussed above, you need to use information more often in order to push it to the long-term memory. As a student you can achieve this through ; multiple revisions and extensive practice..

2. Have Confidence on Your Memory

Having confidence on your memory is very important. Your brain remembers better when you have confidence on your memory. A person with lack of confidence would struggle in remembering things. This happens because the brain is unsure of whether the information can be stored or not. Thus, it is important to have belief in your Memory.

3. Chunking

Chunking is the technique in which we Divide large parts of information in to smaller parts.This is the most important technique of memorizing. No matter how big a formula is, no matter how complicated a diagram is, no matter how long a reaction is, it all becomes easy when you break it in to parts and learn.

4. Use Remembering Aides

You can use aides and tools like mnemonics to remember something easily. You can also use the tool of association. In this technique, you associate the concept with something else that is easier to remember.

5. Visualize

It is a proven fact that our brain stores images better than text. So, try to visualize everything that you read. You will be shocked to know how efficint this technique is !

Always remember that while you are reading anything, visualize it.

6. Read Point No. 2 again

Here’s some more on how to Remember What you Learn


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