How to prioritize your Tasks

How to prioritize your Tasks

You might have heard about the importance of prioritizing your tasks. Every blog or video on productivity will tell you to prioritize your tasks. But how do we go about it? How to decide which task is to be done first? In this post, we will help you to prioritize your tasks right!

Why Prioritize?

Before doing something right, it is essential to know its importance. Prioritization helps you to make sure that the most important tasks are done first and on or before time. Prioritizing helps you to stay on the right track with your tasks.

How to Prioritize?

The Two Criteria:

  1. Most Important Task First
  2. Shortest/Easiest Task First

It is important to follow the above principles to prioritize your tasks correctly. If a task is very important, then we should complete it first. However, if a task is important but requires a lot of time to complete, you might consider completing smaller tasks before taking on the big task. You should complete the tasks which are smaller and very important first. Less Important and time-consuming tasks should be completed at the end.

Step 1: Make a list of Tasks

Step 2: Sort the list in order of Importance

Step 3: Sort the list according to the time required to complete

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