How to take a Productive Study Break

How to take a Productive Study Break

Study breaks are necessary because they are  meant to refresh one’s mind so that one does not feel irritated and mechanical with the studies. We normally lose your concentration and interest when we are tired and force ourself to carry on studying without breaks. Breaks are meant to boost your zeal and confidence. But if not used properly, one might end up being unproductive and lag behind in studies.

Apply these tricks on your study breaks to make them more productive:-

Stick to a plan

Spend an hour at the start of your revision. Make a colour-coded, beautiful revision plan – if it’s pretty, clear and draws the eye, you’re more likely to refer back to it, and therefore more likely to stick on track. Also, sit down at the beginning of each day and detail exactly what you want to achieve that day. An important thing to remember is to be very realistic. Be practical. Not getting through everything on your list is incredibly depressing. If your aims are unrealistic, you will end up having a lot of pending tasks all piled up.

Take short breaks

After studying for a specified time take a break of about 10 minutes. As soon as 10 minutes are done, study for another 40 minutes and again take a 10 minutes break. Repeat this cycle. Sandwich your study time and the breaks. And once you get back, study with the same concentration as before. So taking short breaks often will bring you back to the books again and again without losing focus.

Activities to do

Try to take juicy fruits like apples, oranges, watermelons etc during the breaks. Increase your fluid intake as this helps to rejuvenate your mind. Drink good amount of water. Try to do some physical activities or exercises during the break. This will help to increase the blood flow in your brain.

One can also mediate or chant during the breaks thus enabling the mind to focus clearly. Pursue your hobbies or interests during the break time as this motivates your mind to study hard.

Activities not to do

Do not engage in such activities which make you feel tired and dizzy.Avoid use of smartphones, laptops, TVs etc as they will consume much of your precious time and get you drained out. You  Remember that one should not increase the break duration else a lot of time and energy gets wasted.

Study location

If you have a fixed study location, switch your location while taking the break.The worst possible way to work is sitting on your bed for an hour, and then watching 20 minutes of Netflix sitting in exactly the same spot. Your brian won’t associate your study location with the break spot and vice versa. You would be still thinking about the studies during the break and be less focused on studies after your break. Move to a different room or a fresh desk if you are in a  library. You’d be surprised how physical perception can affect your perspective on work.

Studying is as important as the things you do in the break time because your mind will think of all those things which you did during the break so as to divert its attention from studies. Planning ahead, staying hydrated and nourished, moving regularly, and setting goals with study break rewards will all help make studying easier and more enjoyable.

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