Most Important Chapters for JEE Main & Advanced

Most Important Chapters for JEE Main & Advanced

There is always a special importance to a few chapters over the rest. Also these few important chapters can also help you to gain enough skills to face other chapters. Prioritizing these chapters is a good idea since that increases your chances of scoring higher. These chapters will ideally cover up around 70% of the questions in JEE Main as well as Advanced.

Here are the most important chapters for your Examination subject wise :


Start Learning
Laws of Motion
Gravitational Field Circular & Rotational Motion
Electric Field and Current Electricity
Magnetic Field
Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current


Start Learning
States of Matter (especially gaseous state)
Chemical Equilibrium
Complete Organic Chemistry (This is the most scoring part)


Start Learning
Integration (The Giant !)
Application of Integrals and differentiation
Circle & Conics



These chapters should be your priority. You should begin your preparation with these chapters to be on a safer side. Also, if you are short of time i.e. towards the end of the year,  you should study only these chapters to increase your chances of scoring higher.

If you searched for this article, then you have already prioritized your preparation ! Now it is the time to execute !

In JEE Main out of 90 questions, an estimated 60 questions will come from the above mentioned topics, which means that by studying these chapters thoroughly will fetch you close to 200 marks in JEE Main.

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    I’m in 11th just started the year 2months over my basics is not clear so should I buy hc verma or ncert for preparation s for jee

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