Improve your Vocabulary in a Fun Way

Improve your Vocabulary in a Fun Way

Vocabulary is very important in the way we communicate with each other. A better vocabulary also means a better ability in putting forward your thoughts into words. An improved vocabulary helps make communication easier.

The best way of improving vocabulary is by exposing yourself to an ocean of words. And that is what we, at Meritstore have got for you and that too, in a fun way!

Our Aptitude Courses contain an interesting game to learn the meaning of new words. It is called the “Game of Words“. What this game does is, it trains you with a variety of words and their meanings through an interactive user interface.

So, Let’s Explore this!


Interactive Interface

Before starting, here’s the link to the free version of Synonyms – so that you can try it out yourself!

The free version has around 50 most important words.

You will be displayed with words, randomly chosen from the database. You need to submit one of the four options provided below the question.

On clicking Submit, you will be shown the right answer and the synonym pair will be added in your revision notes.

Revision Notes

After every question that you answer, the synonym pairs are displayed in the “Revision Notes” section, so that you can refer those again.


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