Is Crash Course Really Useful for NEET ?

Is Crash Course Really Useful for NEET ?

As the NEET exams approach, the need of Crash Courses increases a lot. This is fair, because crash courses do help a lot. Crash Courses are the only option, if you have missed out on a large part of your syllabus or feel under prepared.

In this blog post, we will discuss all doubts surrounding Crash Courses for NEET.

What Exactly is a Crash Course ?

A Crash Course is different than a normal course. A Crash Course tries to complete the course curriculum in a short span of time. For e.g. A Crash Course can help you complete a 1 year course in just 3-4 months.

The precise meaning of a Crash Course is : ” A brief, intensive course of instruction, as to prepare quickly for a Test.”

So a Crash Course in NEET would mean a quick and intensive course for completing the syllabus and preparing for the NEET exam quickly.

Is it Worth investing my Money in a Crash Course ?

Value for money can be decided on the basis of how much you benefit from the course. However, it could be difficult to decide this before buying a course. That is why on MeritStore, you can return your course in a period of time if you don’t find it worth your money. It is advisable to join a crash course which is refundable.

Is Crash Course a Must ?

No, its not.

Crash Course is preferable but not compulsory. However, whether you join a crash course or not, you should definitely study intensively in the last 3 months of your NEET Exam.

If you have completed the syllabus in time, if you know what needs to be done in the final months of exam and if you are able to study intensively on your own; then you may not need a Crash Course.

Some students are not able to complete studying syllabus, others are not good at solving MCQs, while many students lack the guidance and motivation to study intensively in these final months. A Crash Course would be more beneficial for such students who need more help, guidance and motivation.


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  • Ashish Sharma Posted November 22, 2017 3:21 pm

    I love to do crash course for NEET, can you please tell which time is best for it ?

    • Merit Store Posted November 22, 2017 4:52 pm

      This is a 4 month long course. So, even if you begin 5-6 months in advance, it would be a good time to begin.

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