JEE/NEET Coaching Class Secrets Nobody talks about

JEE/NEET Coaching Class Secrets Nobody talks about

Once you choose the Sciences in Class 11, you are instantly classified as either a doctor or an engineer. If you have taken Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as your subjects, you will be taking the NEET or AIIMS exam after Class 12 and try to become a doctor. If you opted for Math instead of Biology, you will be taking the JEE Main and Advanced exams and try to enter the hallowed gates of the IIT.

Joining a coaching class is considered synonymous with JEE preparation or NEET preparation. However, there are some dark secrets lurking behind the bright and cheery billboards and reception rooms of these centers that you ought to know:

Students are paid BIG MONEY to join the Coaching Institute

So, you don’t believe advertisements and prefer to trust newspaper articles instead. You read the interviews of the JEE toppers, NEET toppers, or toppers of Class 12 board exams and try to glean the names of the best coaching classes which they credit for their stellar performance. You read rave reviews about this and that coaching class in Kota and you assume that perhaps, the institute has the best teachers who can really help you crack the exam.
There is just one problem. These ‘top coaching institutes’ offer as much as 75 lakhs (or more) to the crème de la crème of students to sign a deal stating that they are the student of that student and that they have no affiliation with any other institute.
Remember, most of these students have just passed their 10+2 exams. Almost all students accept the deal and start singing praises of the coaching brand they signed the deal with.

Traditional JEE Coaching Classes discriminate between the Top Performers and Others

Yeah! All students pay the same fees but many of the best JEE coaching classes have different ways to deal with students of high, average, and low caliber. In fact, one of the ex-JEE aspirants revealed that after JEE Mains, his institute picked up all the students who had scored above 300 in the exam and offered them a free stay at a five-star hotel! A dozen of their best teachers dedicate all their time to help these students prepare for JEE Advanced.
The coaching institutes are ready to pay from their pockets to groom these students and boost their All India Ranks (AIRs) as they add to the glory of the brand.

Rest of the students are taught by average teachers and study from the standard material. The institutes do nothing to work on their strengths and weaknesses. Basically, the face these average-to-low performers pay goes straight to the institute’s coffers and into grooming of the top performers.

JEE Coaching Classes in Kota promote unhealthy competition in students

When parents send their children to Kota and pay lakhs of rupees to the coaching classes, they dream of seeing them as doctors and engineers. Little do they know that not all students are cut out for the high-pressure environment that Kota coaching classes encourage.
Students who slog under the academic stress and still fail to meet the expectations of their families and teachers face neglect and even insults at every turn. Their parents try to egg them on a precarious path which sometimes ends with their lives. The rising number of suicides in engineering and medical aspirants in Kota has been highlighted by media several times but little is being done to save the precious teenaged kids who come to this city with dreams ‘bigger’ than what they can manage.

JEE Toppers prefer Self-Studies over Joining a Coaching Class

Those who are smart and bright do their research well. They talk to the seniors who have got selected in the IIT and talk to ex-IITians to get to know the facts about the competition and the exam they are going to face. Many of them realize that joining a traditional coaching class can be taxing on their time, money, and energy – and hence, prefer to study on their own.
Of course, these students need proper academic support with their JEE preparation too. They also want to the formula sheets, excellent study materials, and the study notes offered by big and expensive coaching classes. In such cases, they go the online route. It means that they join an online coaching class which allows them to attend lectures from home and ship them all the study material they need right at their door.

In the online JEE coaching classes, one can opt for regular packages where all students (whether they are top performers, average performers, or low performers) attend the same lectures and receive equal attention from their teachers. They take the same tests for practice and receive detailed individualized reports on what they need to do to get better marks next time. Some of the online coaching service providers offer modular services where students can buy the study material and lectures related to a ‘single’ chapter or topic that they find difficult and do not have to pay for the entire package.
In short, students are in control of what they want to learn and how they want to learn it in the online world.

Disclaimer : “The views expressed in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Meritstore”

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