Last-minute tips for JEE preparation – Things to keep in mind before going for JEE exam

IIT-JEE is the gateway for IITs, NITs and various other prestigious engineering colleges. Needless to say, it is the toughest engineering entrance exam in India and getting success in this examination requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. But there is a huge misconception among candidates that only hard work and exceptional intelligence can help them taste success. Although hard work is essential, few parameters should also be taken into consideration to crack the IIT examinations.

Let’s look at some effective tips, that can help students achieve success in the IIT-JEE  examinations:

Plan Effectively

Always check the IIT JEE exam pattern and then aim to crack it with effective planning. Without proper planning and the right strategy, it will be difficult  for you to achieve success in the exams. With a good strategy, you can monitor all angles of the problem well before solving it. It will keep you focussed and result in  better gains. Set your goals and accordingly make a to-do list. Observe how much you will need to finish your goals in a fixed frame of time. Once you successfully finish your previous goals, you can set more challenging goals for next time.

Revision is Must

Once you have gained a complete understanding of all the topics, you need to put them into practice. The more you practice, the more perfection you  will gain. So even if you are covering your unfinished syllabus, you can  simultaneously revise those topics which you have already learned earlier. Allow  some time for the revision of your previous subjects.

Switch to Authentic Study Material

It has been observed that aspirants who want to crack IIT-JEE buy too many study materials and books that are of no relevance. There are so many books in the marketplace for the preparation of IIT-JEE, students  should always invest in relevant study sources. Use the ones that suit your learning  style so that you can score more by indexing topics in order of priority or marks  weightage they carry in JEE Main. You can check out Pearson MyInsights – an adaptive assessment for the preparation of IIT-JEE. It empowers aspirants by providing 4 levels of testing, 500+ topic tests, 80+ chapter tests, 20 mock tests, and previous 10 years JEE papers. With analytics and personalized scoring, it provides a real-time test experience to the aspirants, helps them know their strengths and weaknesses, and makes them IIT-JEE ready.

Self-Attempt is the Key

While taking a practice or mock tests, candidates should never check solutions before attempting the question. You should try to attempt the questions by yourself at least five times before you look at the solution. Try to analyze the problem, attempt it and if you fail, check the solution. Be truthful to yourself during these attempts.

Time Management

Time management is one of the major factors to get success in any aspect of life – be it personal and professional. Students must understand their weak points and then calculate how time they should devote each topic. It is very important to devote an equal amount of time to all the three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Take Care of the Basics

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step! It is essential to strengthening your basics. If your base concepts are not clear, it will be very difficult for you to reach the advanced level. Understanding the basic concepts, practicing them, and gradually shifting to complex problems is the right way to accelerate your IIT-JEE preparation. Check how to prepare for jee mains here.

Relaxation is Must

Plan your daily schedule in a way that you get the time for some relaxation and enjoyment. Adequate sleep of at least 6-7 hours a day is mandatory if you are preparing for IIT-JEE otherwise your mind will not be conducive for studies the next day.

Keep the Latest Syllabus Handy

Always keep a copy of the latest syllabus of the exam. Keep the syllabus right in front and cross-check before starting a new topic. JEE Main is designed to test how well students have grasped the topics and how they apply the understanding to solve a given set of problems. Therefore, you must grill yourself into the basics until all your fundamentals are very clear. Check the latest syllabus here.

Get up Early in the Morning

Though everyone has its study routine, it is always recommended to wake up early in the morning for studies. Keeping your brain active maximum in the morning will help you attempt the examinations better.

Having a schedule is good but maintaining consistency in your studies is the key to crack the examinations. Also, it is very important to have a confident approach and keep yourself motivated during your IIT-JEE journey.

All the best for your examinations…!

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