Live Stream – 21st Feb, 2017

Live Stream – 21st Feb, 2017

So, this was our 3rd Live stream on Youtube since Merit Store was formed ! Today we are going to place everything that we discussed about and promised to give you in the live stream :

Career Options after Std. 12NEET Model PaperJEE Main Model Paper

Above we have given links to 3 things that we mentioned during the live stream, do check it out.
Check out some Question Answers which might be helpful for you :

1. I am not being able to focus on studies, especially at this time of the year with exams approaching what should I do ?

A: It is easy to focus if you keep a few things in mind : your goal , your priority and it’s benefits. All of these have been discussed in detail here :

2. Can I crack NEET/JEE in 1 month ?

A: The simple answer is No ! But with intensive 1 month preparation you can surely improve your chances of cracking the examination.

3. How many hours should I study now ?

A: You need to put in 10 hours a day ! It is not difficult if you plan it well. Study in 2 hour slots like : 7-9 am | 11 am – 1 pm | 2-4 pm | 3-5 pm | 7-9pm | You still get a lot of breaks !

4. How to study for Long Hours ?

A: This has been discussed in detail here :

5. How to Stay away from Distractions ?

A: This has been discussed in detail here :

6. How should I revise ahead ? I always forget whatever I have revised so far.

A: If Revision is your primary focus, then you will never finishing studying for NEET/JEE examination. You not only have to revise the syllabus, but more importantly the application of it to problem solving. That is why, it is a better approach to solve MCQs and then revise the concept behind the question. Also, by going through the solutions, you will be revising or learning the application of these concepts.

7. How to Solve difficult Sums / MCQs ?

A: Check out our complete guide here :


8. What to study a day before NEET/JEE ?

A: Check the Answer Here : JEE :



Hope our live Stream was helpful to you. Just in case you missed it, you can watch it here.



We hope you like our work. We at Merit Store also want to get ideas for our start up so that together we could create a big e-learning platform for students. If you have an idea that could change the world of e-learning then do drop a comment in the comments section below :

Thank You !

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