How MeritStore leverages Technology

How MeritStore leverages Technology

MeritStore aims at using technology to power a parallel educational system in India. The aim of this parallel system is to help learners and not just students ! Students are restricted to educational institutes, while learners are any individuals who want to improve their skills and knowledge. That is why our aim is to empower life-long learners who are not just concerned with bookish once-off knowledge, but with life skills.

Let us take a look at how this parallel system is being developed by MeritStore.

Available Tools

We have a lot of potential tools to use. However, internet and web-application development tools are the major ones in use at this point in time (2016).

Other futuristic tools that have a great potential are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. These are the fields that attract active research, but remain to be viable.

The Power of Internet

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