Most Recommended Books for JEE Maths

Most Recommended Books for JEE Maths

It is very important to know which books to follow before starting your preparation of JEE. Here we have provided you with the most recommended books for Maths. It is also important to know how to use these books since no single book has it all! This blog gives you an understanding of what each of these recommended books does and also links to buy these books.


R.D. Sharma Theory

This is a big hefty book which is the most recommended for JEE! If you begin early and manage to complete exercises and theory from this book, your JEE Maths score will surely be high.

R.D. Sharma Objective Book

Don’t have time to go through the complete R.D. Sharma? Then you should buy this book. It is shortened so that you can focus on exercise problems rather than going through the hefty theory. Using this book along with NCERT Maths(For theory purposes) is also a good strategy.

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