Most Recommended Books for NEET Chemistry

Most Recommended Books for NEET Chemistry

It is very important to know which books to follow before starting your preparation of NEET Chemistry. It is also important to know how to use these books since no single book has it all! This blog gives you an understanding of what each of these recommended books does and also links to buy these books.

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

This is a fantastic book for numerical problems of Chemistry. This book covers all topics (as well as extra topics) of Physical Chemistry. The book has a lot of solved examples for reference.

Buy Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R.C. Mukherjee:

Organic Chemistry: Solomon Fryhle

Use this book along with NCERT for Organic Chemistry. This book is to be used to get an upper hand on Organic Chemistry. There are many books for Organic Chemistry but this is the book to pick ! It is the best book to study Reactions,  mechanisms with good explanation. You will need to learn the basics of Organic Chemistry  (at least Std.  11) before beginning with this book. That is why you should use this book along with NCERT.

Buy Willey’s Solomons & Fryhle’s Organic Chemistry:

JD Lee Inorganic Chemistry

This is a book with good explanations on concepts of Inorganic Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry is mostly theory-based, which means that you will need to sit patiently with this book and learn and remember all facts and reactions. However, this book makes you understand the subject instead of cramming it.

Buy J.D. Lee:

NCERT Chemistry

NCERT is to be used to strengthen your Base in Chemistry, while the other books are for taking you to the next level.

Buy NCERT: Chemistry Std. XI Vol. I:  | Chemistry Std. XI Vol. II:  | Chemistry Std. XII Vol. I: | Chemistry Std. XII  Vol. II:


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