Most Recommended Books for NEET Physics

Most Recommended Books for NEET Physics

It is very important to know which books to follow before starting your preparation of NEET Physics. It is also important to know how to use these books since no single book has it all! This blog gives you an understanding of what each of these recommended books does and also links to buy these books.

H.C. Verma

This is undoubtedly the most recommended and popular book for preparing physics for NEET. The theory is at par but the numerical problems are exactly what you should be expecting for your NEET. HC Verma gives you a very good grip on physics if you go through all the exercises. In short, buy this book especially for numerical problems only.

Buy H.C. Verma Vol I (Physics 1):
Buy H.C. Verma Vol. II (Physics 2):

NCERT Physics

For theory, NCERT is the best book provided that you go through each and every line of the book. NCERT is always going to be your basic guidebook. You can also follow state board textbooks since these textbooks are now based on NCERT

Buy NCERT: Physics Std. XI Vol. I:   | Physics Std. XI Vol. II:  |  Physics Std. XII Vol. I:  | Physics Std. XII  Vol. II:

A combo of NCERT – HC Verma will work wonders for you in physics. You need to have faith in these books.

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