Post MBA Career Goals – How to plan ahead for a successful Career

Post MBA Career Goals – How to plan ahead for a successful Career

MBA from a good college is a great and instant career booster. However, Just an MBA degree from a great B-School will not suffice all the time even to get on to the right and successful career path, one has to plan ahead and take certain steps.

There are a host of career options lying in front of an MBA pass out, a business degree is not only very credible to find jobs but the can be put to use to practice entrepreneurship. It could be very overwhelming for any student at the verge of their degree completion to choose the right fit for them from the various available options. However, this is a very important process that students have to go through to make the right decision for them given the tight competition they would face in any field/function they choose to be in.

The following are a few important things one needs to consider in planning a successful career path after MBA:

Have a Plan of Action

Firstly, a student passing out of a B-school with an MBA degree needs to have a plan of action. In the current market scenario where the jobs are way less than the demand, it is important for any student to have a clear idea about which industry or function he/she wants to pursue his/her career in. Being prepared way in advance will allow you to make network connections focused on the companies or business of that particular industry or function.

Be flexible in choosing Industry

However, it is not advisable to be too particular about a specific industry, the market may change its course anytime and not always can we predict the future. Hence, it is always recommended to shortlist a couple or a little over a couple of industries which would interest the students. It is any day good to have a Plan-B.

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Get Involved in the Industry

Once the shortlisted industries are ready. One can start research and networking in those specific industries.
Most of the B-schools need their students to go through an internship during the MBA program. If one has their interested industries or functions shortlisted, he/she can do their internship in that field and create a strong profile for the actual placements or few of the companies recruit their interns depending on their performance. If one is lucky, they could land the job at the time of the internship itself.
Not only in the internship and the job, having a clear and solid idea about your post-MBA plans will make it easy and effective for the students to select their elective subjects during the course.

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Have a Realistic, Time-bound Action Plan

The plan of action needs to reasonable, realistic and time-bound. No plan is effective if it is not time-bound. Hence, one needs to break down the plan of action into doable steps which are attributed to a time target. The plan and the goals need to be realistic, for example, one can’t expect to become a CFO of a multi-national company just after passing out of B-school, a Managerial position would be a high and realistic goal to have.

Grab more Opportunities!

Once the plan of action is all set, one needs to grab all the opportunities he/she can make their profile strong in those certain fields. This can be done by picking up the right internships in the desired industry or attending training and lectures that are industry-specific. Honing the skills that the shortlisted industries look for in their employees.

Don’t forget that MBA is not the ultimate destination; it is the path towards the career you have always desired, Hence, don’t keep your guard off once you get that admission, you need a plan and a constant review of your progress towards the goal.

All the Best!

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