The Right Way of Comparing Yourself with Others

The Right Way of Comparing Yourself with Others

Comparing ourselves with others is quite common, especially when you are trying to achieve something. Comparisons ma give rise to jealousy,envy or superiority. On the contrary, comparison may also lead to over-achieving. In all, Comparison is actually a useful weapon which you can use to attack your goals or to attack your own self.

In this article, we share with you, how to use Comparison to your advantage rather than allowing it to make things worse for you.

You Cannot be Good at Everything

Every Human being is different and has a different set of abilities and talents. Each and every student is able and talented and everyone is good at something. As we compare ourselves with others, we try to aim at doing everything that others do. In the process of comparing, we forget that One cannot be good at everything. So, the first thumb rule of Comparison is that You cannot be good at everything and hence need to focus on what you are good at.

There is No Perfect

Nobody is perfect. We all have our own flaws and imperfections. Aiming to be perfect maybe good, but it backfires if done in the wrong way. The don’ts of perfection are that don’t expect perfect results at all times. There will be a few bad days and if you are a hardcore perfectionist, you may get disheartened and even give up.

The Perfectionist tendency arises when we compare ourselves with others and with to become “perfect”. Just make sure that you don’t get disheartened at imperfect results and quit.

Good Comparison v/s Bad Comparison

Let us begin with what bad comparison is, since this is more common among us. Bad Comparison is when you look at somebody else and your mind starts thinking inferior of self. Ever happened that you saw someone score exceptionally good marks, and you felt like you could never do it like them ? that they are gifted and lucky? If so then this is a form of bad comparison.

Thus, you need to compare yourself with others with optimism or positivity. You should feel like putting in more efforts after a comparison rather than feel disheartened and jealous.


There have been people who have achieved tremendous feats by using the right technique of comparison. There have also been people who have had a deep fall by using the wrong technique of Comparison. So, make sure that you do it the right way, and achieve Marvellous Feats.



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