Rising Above Marks

Rising Above Marks

Results can be scary experiences at times. Millions of hopeful students and a billion anxious parents, coaches and guardians, everybody goes through sleepless nights and frantic days hoping to make it through.

But do remember that these Exams are just one of the parts of your life . Don’t make it the only part of your life .

Its’s not about Comparisons always

Some of you will score good, some won’t. Some will be toppers, some will fail. But remember one thing always : You have a big beautiful life ahead. In all the remaining time you could go from bottom to the top.

Most Successful people never had straight days. Those are the ones who had an ambition that overrides everything else. The truth is the biggest factor that determines success is resilience not Marks.

You will either succeed or you will learn a lesson , there is no failure until you quit !

“One Failure affects one event of your life . But , the lesson learnt from it enhances thousand future events of your Life “


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