What to do if you are scoring low in Mock Tests

What to do if you are scoring low in Mock Tests

If you are preparing for an entrance exam like JEE or NEET, it can get frustrating when you put in all efforts and yet score low in mock tests. In such times it is important to not lose hope and remain consistent with studies. You should not look at these low scores as downfall but as a learning curve. These experiences are an important part of the learning process.

In this blog, we discuss what to do if you too are going through the same situation.

It’s okay to score low sometimes

Not every day is going to be good. No matter how good or brilliant you are, not every day will be good. There will be days when you will face hardships and be knocked down. But it is important to believe in yourself through all the hardships, because they haven’t come here to stay. They have come to pass. If you stay consistent with your studies, thee hardships will pass away. However, if you lose hope midway, you may be defeated by these hardships.

So, We want you to understand that it is okay to score low at times and no matter what, you are not going to lose hope. You should change the way you look at mock tests. Most students give up after giving a few tests because they want instant results for their efforts. However, if you are preparing for an exam like NEET or JEE, then you can’t so impatient. You have to keep putting up your best efforts every single day.

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I am not Disheartened. What Next ?

Next step is to pick up the mock test and go through its solutions carefully and patiently. Surprisingly, many students ignore the solutions after giving a mock test, defeating the purpose of the test. They simply check their score and then move on to the next test to “complete their target”. However, if you don’t go through your mistakes at the end of the test, then what is the point of giving the test. Also, going through the solutions can help you learn more from the test than otherwise.

So, don’t make the same mistake. Go through the solutions carefully and patiently. While, going through solutions, you actually learn the application of theory in problem solving, which is an important skill for cracking exams like NEET and JEE. This is applicable not only for mock tests, but also for MCQ practice. Don’t ignore the solutions just because you want to complete a certain number of MCQs. Learn as much as possible from each and every question that you solve or attempt or simply come across.

I have gone through the Solutions. What Next ?

If you have gone though solutions carefully, then by now you have acquired valuable knowledge that will help you to solve problems for your Entrance Exam. After going through the solutions, you might have realized the topics that you are lagging behind in. Make a list of these topics and subtopics, and revise/learn these topics better.

Next, You should pick up another Mock Paper and solve it and repeat the process. Don’t worry about the results . Even if you score low again, it’s fine.Because, by going through all solutions and revising the parts that you got wrong, you improve your skills which will definitely help you in the final exam.

And Lastly, I haven’t completed theory. Should I solve Mock Papers ?

You should definitely solve mock papers. When you solve MCQs, you cover up all aspects of the examination – practice, revision, theory, calculation, etc. You need to learn by practicing. There are many (rather most) basic concepts that can only be understood through practice.
So keep solving mock papers even though you still have some theory left to be covered.

These practice sessions that you spend on Mock tests are really going to be important for your final results. So make sure you make good use of these mock tests. Let us know your thoughts in comments below. Have any questions in mind? Ask in comments below.

All the Best!

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