Skills that you need to Learn for Entrance Exams

Skills that you need to Learn for Entrance Exams

No matter whether you are preparing for JEE, NEET, CAT, GMAT, SAT or GATE, all entrance exams are highly competitive and demand a few set of skills. Without these skills, you will never really stand out from the competition to emerge as successful.

Here are a few skills and values that every aspirant should imbibe.

Commitment. Discipline. Focus.

You need to commit to your goals. In order to commit to your goals, you need the discipline. In order to be disciplined, you need to focus on your goals.


Acceptance is a very important skill that every ambitious person should have. Acceptance is the quality of accepting; Accepting Challenges, Accepting the Hardships, Accepting the Bad Times, Accepting the intimidation of future.

Most people aren’t successful, because they are in denial of everything that happens to them. People need to learn to accept their own circumstances. People need to learn to accept the hardships that they are going to face on their journey to success.

Running the Extra Mile

Study while others party. Work while others sleep. Run thee extra-mile. Do more than everybody else around you. Deliver more than what your ambition demands. And keep running the extra-mile.

On the extra-mile there will be very few people with you. This very much explains why there are so few successful people. Be one among them and keep running on the extra-mile.

Note : Running extra-mile does not mean working all the time and not enjoying life. Running Extra-mile means working more and enjoying life more than others.



Aptitude is indeed an important skill that every competitive exam demands. Your ability to analyse given information, understand it’s physical/mathematical significance and then solving the question requires a great deal of aptitude.

Switching between Topics

We all know how hard it is to switch from one topic to another, especially if you are switching from an easy topic to a tougher one or even while switching between two very different subjects.

Entrance exams are usually a combination of subjects and topics that may vastly differ from each other. You will need to learn the skill of switching between topics easily during an exam.

The skill is easy to learn and would take around 2-3 months to become a habit. All you need to do is practice daily for 1 hour (You may increase the duration).

In this 1 hour period, try studying topics that are very different from each other. for example, if you are preparing for JEE or NEET, then begin with a topic like maybe Electrostatics, then suddenly move on to Reactions of Organic Chemistry after 5-10 minutes and so on.

Another example, if you are preparing for GATE, then begin with one of our technical subjects then move onto aptitude part in the next 15-20 minutes.

This practice will eventually help you to flawlessly switch between different topics/subjects without adding strain on your brain.

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