How Slot Method can optimize your Studies

How Slot Method can optimize your Studies

“It is better to study for 30 minutes with concentration than studying for 5 hours aimlessly…”

The slot method was devised keeping this quote in mind. It is a wonderful quote, It shows us how focusing on our current activity can help us do it more efficiently.

So how exactly does the slot method work ? The aim of the slot method is to help you to study with complete focus for 30 minutes as mentioned in the quote. Lets get started !

The Slot

The slot is a dedicated period of time in which you commit to yourself that you are going to give undivided attention to the study material in hand. This period can be of 20 minutes, 25 minutes or 30 minutes – whichever suits you the best. At the end of each slot you will be having a 5 or 10 minute break. After the break you begin a fresh new slot and the cycle goes on.

The Slots are designed to be 25 minutes each, as the average human attention span is decreasing year-by-year. Thus, it makes sense to make optimum use of your attention span.

The Slot Method helps you with :

  1. To get out of laziness. (Try it)
  2. To enable focus (hence slots are of shorter durations)
  3. To increase efficiency. When applied focus, concentration and undivided attention a 5 hour job can be completed in 2-3 hours.
  4. To Save time. If you complete a 5 hour job in 3 hours, it also means that you have just saved 2 hours ! Now you can put these 2 hours into relaxation, more studies or other leisure activities.
  5. To make preparation less stressful.

What to do During the Slots ?

Before planning what to do in a particular slot, you should have a daily goal in place. Create a slot-wise study plan with reference to your daily goal. You also need to set up a reasonable daily goal so that you can complete it in time. Slowly and steadily, you should try to increase the number of goals for a day.

If you are confused with dividing your daily goal into slots; What you can do is, divide your day into 2 hour divisions first and then divide these divisions into four 25 minute slots each.

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You should definitely study in slots as it increases your productivity. The slot method also takes care of your leisure time, breaks and other activities. To sum up, the slot method balances all activities of your life – be it Studies, work, play, leisure, family, or anything else.

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    I have few months to prepare mh cet exam what should I do

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