How to take Breaks, the Right Way !

How to take Breaks, the Right Way !

As we all have heard the piece of advice that “Take breaks while studying”, we undoubtedly include breaks in our study time. However, if not done properly, breaks can prove to be counter-productive.

The Purpose of a Break

To take breaks in a proper manner, you first need to know the purpose of taking breaks.

The purpose that breaks serve are :

  1. Prevents you from getting saturated. Breaks monotony,
  2. Allow you to regain your focus.
  3. Helps you to rethink and get back to work stronger
  4. Helps you to relax for a moment.

How often should you take a Break?

You should take a break when any one of the following is true :

  1. Your scheduled break tie has arrived.
  2. You are tired and saturated.
  3. You feel you are doing something wrong.

Based on these, you should take breaks at adequate intervals. For example, you may study for 25 minutes and then go for a 5-minute break.

What to do in Break Time?

If you are taking a break because you are tired, you should spend the break relaxing, meditating, and eating food rather than on social media. If you are taking a break because you feel something is not working right, then you should spend time introspecting and rethinking in our break time.

You should be able to make a call on what needs to be done during a break. You can :

  1. Relax
  2. Rethink, Introspect
  3. Eat food, Drink Water
  4. Meditate, Re-focus
  5. Leisure: Music, dance, movies, games, social media

Be very strategic in selecting activities from the above list for your break time !

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