What it takes to top a National Level Exam

What it takes to top a National Level Exam

Ambition to be the Best in the Country

You need to puff up yourself to be the best in the country. There is no better feeling than competing with the best brains in the country. This ambition will surely keep you on the right track through your 2 years preparation for JEE/NEET Examinations.

In order to stay on track always, we would recommend you to meditate every morning and night at the bed for 5 minutes to de-clutter your mind, to give you clarity of thoughts and to keep you energizer for this big ambition.

Being Honest to yourself

This is very important. You need to be aware and honest about your progress in studies. You should set daily achievable goals with realistic timings. Being honest to yourself allows you to stay much more closer to your goal than anything else.

Being Strict with Yourself

This is all about self-discipline. You know that you have what it takes to be a national topper. But, now you need to be disciplined so that all this potential doesn’t go waste.

Whenever you feel like leaving studies, be strict with yourself, discipline your emotions and get back to studies.

Willing to work Hard to achieve

National Toppers are willing to put in a lot of hard work so that they can produce results that they can be proud of.

Being patient at times of failure

The biggest myth is that toppers never go through failures. Every topper goes through failure. But, they don’t get discouraged because of it. The failure only makes them stronger and better. They analyze the failure and use it as a strength rather than a weakness.

Looking for opportunities to improve

Toppers or Leaders in any field are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their game ! If you want to be a game-leader then you got to find opportunities of growth like Tests or competitions.

Competing with full spirit with top brains of the country

National Toppers enjoy competing at the national level with top brains of the country. This thought itself is very motivational for you to get started !

Preparing for the most difficult questions

National level toppers are the ones that pray that the paper comes tough, else everybody can score good marks. A tough paper means only the champions can score with good marks.

Now,imagine what if you had the same kind of mindset ? Your life would be transformed overnight !


So, we hope that this blog could motivate you to reach to the top. We hope you make it big !

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