Top 10 Mistakes that Students make while Studying !

Top 10 Mistakes that Students make while Studying !

1) Not knowing your Goals

Most students don’t know what there goals are. They don’t know the purpose of learning.

2) Not Self-Studying

Studying things by self is more important than sitting in classroom. Don’t mistaken that sitting for 6 hours in the classroom is equivalent to a lot of studies. Don’t mistaken that assignments/homework is equivalent to studying.

3) Using the Wrong Study Method

Every exam requires a different strategy. Board Exams will need a different strategy than MCQ Entrance exams. The best way to select a strategy is to know the exam very well in the first place !

4) Negative Mindset

Most average students face the first defeat unknowingly because of negative thoughts. If you begin studying with the mindset that you are not good enough, then you will end up being not good enough. We are all here to improve and must have a positive mindset.

5) Following your Friends

Don’t consider your friends to be an authority. You may come down in academics if you follow friends who are low on studies. Their behavior will influence yours. So it is better to hang out with friends who are better at studies. And if they are not, just walk away from it when it comes to academic decisions.

6) Not doing the right thing at the right time

Many students find it difficult to focus on studies due to mood swings, due to which they miss out on doing the right things at the right time. We are emotional after all. But if you can’t control and discipline your emotions, they will use you !

7) Following advice from teachers & parents blindly

There will  be many who will give you advice. However, you won’t be able to follow all of it. There will be clashes in these advices as well. Don’t take advice from too many people. In the end, you have to take a call.

8) Not being Versatile

Don’t  just sit studying whole day. Play guitar, run outside, play cricket, go on a walk.

9) Complaining a Lot

A complaint is not just a complaint. It is the denial & pushing over of responsibility off your shoulders. Take full responsibility of your own Life !

10) Having a fancy idea of Future

Be more realistic. These fancy ideas will only deviate you from track.

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