What to do a day before NEET

What to do a day before NEET

Now that you are just one day away from your NEET exam, you might be confused as to what exactly can be done on this last day to wind up your NEET preparation on a high note. Your two year preparation (or maybe more) will define how well you are prepared for the NEET exam. You can’t really do much on your last day. However, that being said, the day before your NEET exam is still important for you to keep your brain well focussed for the big day!

In this post, we will see how you can go about your day before the big day!

Stay Calm

The first thing that you should do is calm down and remember that all your preparation is now locked! And that you have to make the best out of whatever you have prepared so far. There is no point in regretting anything or thinking you missed out on something. You need to focus more on what you know more than what you don’t. So, stay calm, your preparation time is over. It is now time to make your brain and body ready for the big day!


Review the entire syllabus of NEET. Follow these steps :

  1. Go through the list of chapters in Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Std. 11 & 12. Try to recollect a rough summary of each chapter.
  2. Next, go through all chapters and try to recollect all the types of different sums, diagrams, numericals and MCQs from that chapter.

This entire process should take around 1-2 hours. But would surely be beneficial for the exam next day.


Plan your test-giving strategy. By now you might have given many mock tests. Try to recollect the biggest mistakes that you wouldn’t want to commit on exam day.

The biggest mistakes that you could commit while giving a mock test could be :

  1. Being slow at solving questions.
  2. Choosing wrong questions to solve
  3. Running out of time

You need to caution yourself against these mistakes a day prior to the exam.

Proper Mindset

You need to have a calm mindset on the day of the exam and this can be achieved by preparing yourself a day before.

Here are the things you should do a day before your exam to stay calm :

  1. Meditate : This calms you down the most.
  2. Surrender yourself to the situation (Exam). This helps your brain to accept the situation and stop conflicting with it.
  3. Stay hydrated. Drink water. Eat Healthy
  4. Have a good sleep at night.

A day before your exam , you need to realize the fact that it is aimless to try doing something big. Instead you should accept your level of preparation and make the most out of it.

  1. Do not revise any new concepts.
  2. Stay firm with all the concepts that you know. Make them your strong points as you enter the exam hall.


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