7 Rules to Crack NEET

7 Rules to Crack NEET

Cracking NEET gives you access to top medical colleges in our country. And there are lakhs of candidates who appear for NEET every year. Inorder to be the few who crack NEET, you need to study rigorously throughout the 2 years of preparation.

Here, in this post, we share tips with you, that will make the struggle a lot more easier. Read to know how to crack NEET easily.

Rule #1. Develop Love and Interest in PCB

This is quite obvious, isn’t it ? However, many students overlook this fact and end up on a lower note in their final exams. Developing love for your subjects will help you to study for longer periods.

Rule #2. Develop Love and Interest in Studies

As discussed above, love for studies will allow you to work for longer time. You will feel like studying, solving, practicing MCQs and exercises, which an uninterested student won’t.

It is easier to study a subject, when you love studies and the subject. You can use this to your advantage for the upcoming NEET Exams.

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Rule #3.   Practice Difficult Questions

While practicing MCQs, make sure that you pick up the most challenging ones. In the beginning you may feel uncomfortable, but in the long run it will surely help you. It will help you to build your basics, foundation, aptitude and understanding of the subject.

You need to solve a minimum of 15 difficult level Sums everyday. This will be a huge advantage as you will be challenging your brain on a daily basis.

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Rule #4: Be Consistent

Consistency is the biggest rule ! You need to be consistent through out. You should remain consistent with your studies no matter what.

Many students stop being consistent, when they score low in tests. However, you should never commit this mistake as consistency is very important.

Rule #5: Recognize and Clear your Doubts as soon as Possible

Many students fall for this trap. They think since they don’t have any doubts they have understood the topic.

If you have experienced the same, you need to go deeper into the topic and start questioning all concepts and the logic behind these concepts. On doing so, there will be a lot of questions that will arise in your mind. Once you get these questions answered, your basics would be crystal clear.

Many students who complain that even after studying for so many hours, they score low marks, need to realize that it is so because their basic concepts are not crystal-clear.

Rule #6: Be Confident

Be Confident. Be Confident while studying, while solving, while practicing and while giving tests. It is a proven fact that students who prepare a chapter with more confidence are more likely to remember the chapter.


Rule #7: Solve Mock Papers

By solving the mock papers, you get a precise idea of the paper pattern and types of questions asked. After solving your first mock paper, you can search specifically prepare for the type of questions asked in these mock tests. So, Mock tests helps you to understand the exam better and hence helps you to prepare better.

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