What to do if you Feel you are Losing Track

What to do if you Feel you are Losing Track

Here you are at an important stage in your academics and career , and in the process it is natural that you may lose track of studies (as I have seen in many comments ) .

So, what does losing track mean ????

Losing track means losing track of priorities, losing control over distractions and addictions , losing control over distractions and addictions , losing vision of your future and lastly diminishing the desire to succeed.

Aand I am going to talk about all of these in this article !


“Priorities” define what you get in life. Whatever you are today , is because of your priorities in the past. If studies were your priority in the past then you would be studious today .

And.. in the future if you become successful , it would be because your dream was your biggest priority today and everything came second.

This realisation of priorities is the first step for coming on track.

Distractions and Addictions

This is important . Unknowingly you are giving priority to your distractions. It is unknown to you , you won’t even realize how and your distractions destroy your dream. The only way out is to be rude towards your distractions. Look at your distractions with negative stare. Keep bringing negative thoughts about your distractions and very soon you will be free and independent of them .

Once you start feeling that these distractions are useless and are comfortable with not using them , You are on the right track!

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Losing Track of Progress

Once you gt the above steps in line, you will b able to track your progress with a calm had. While tracking your progress the most important thing is to be very honest to yourself, even if it hurts.

However, whil being honest to yourself, remember that it is important to not lose belief in yourself. If you are not good enough at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you will never be good enough. So, BE HONEST AND BELIEVE MORE

Diminishing of Desire to Succeed

This may sound contradictory . But somewhere , with time the desire to succeed also reduces . For example, you watch a motivational video and your desire to succeed rises suddenly . But after 2 days ….  You know the desire reduces . In the same way you might have set a goal in your std. 11 to crack JEE or NEET ; try to recollect your desire to succeed at that time. But with time, with increasing study load and increasing distractions the desire somehow lowered . I want you to resurrect that desire back .

If you have a strong desire to become successful then priorities fall in the right place , distractions start looking useless and boring, you get a better understanding of your progress and you start running behind every opportunity to improve yourself.




  • Udhaya Posted June 1, 2018 10:47 am

    Thank u very much for this blog sir . I would start prioritizing from now.

  • Harini Posted January 27, 2018 8:06 am

    Sir I need study timetable in 3 months for neet 2018 pls .I don’t know how to prepare just in 3 months.

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